Sunday, May 31, 2015

Nioxin Now !

The famous Hair Salon product company Nioxin has now finally entered India after an eternity of waiting. With Collaboration from Blogadda, they had a soft launch in one of the popular hair salons in Chennai , inviting all the top Chennai Bloggers for the event. This launch was one among the many tours they had planned across India including Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai etc. 

The Chennai launch began on a beautiful Saturday afternon,which also happened to resemble a mini Bloggers reunion as everyone seemed to be pretty hyped and excited about this first Blogadda event in Chennai
The launch began soon after the BlogAdda Team reached the venue, all the way from Mumbai

The Nioxin guys later took over and started with an intro of the firm and what it was all about :
A research that began in 1987 led to the identification of thinning hair gradually over years , by Nioxin. This led to a study to find out why it happened and hence came up with a range of solutions, hair care treatments and shampoos .Hence their objective was to use advanced technologies to deliver thicker, fuller, denser-looking hair.

The resulting portfolio of products from Nioxin includes
  • Nioxin Thinning Hair System Kits
  • Nioxin Intensive Treatment Solutions
  • Nioxin Scalp Renewal Kits

This intro was followed by a consultation session by the Hair experts at Bounce.The hair consultation included an in-depth hair scanning and screening based on 3 attributes of the scalp Derma, Density and Diameter. A camera zoomed through the hair showing an image of the scalp.This gave a detailed image on the damage and scalp condition. 

Based on the condition of the scalp and other examinations about the hair condition the people were suggested one of the 6 hair thinning treatments of Nioxin:

Activ Renewal, Glyco Shield, Treansactive delivery system, Scalp access delivery system, Bioamp, Smoothplex
This followed with a relaxing and refreshing Spa Session that totally made it worthwhile
And of course why would I not mention the delicious sandwiches, coffees and fresh juices that were served in the middle ,which would have been the second biggest highlight of the day for me

"You can try and experience #NioxinNowIndia at your nearest salon. This activity is in association with” in both the blogposts"

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

My First Expert

My First Expert

Everyone grows up with far fletched dreams and ambition to become something great when they grow up
For some it might be a doctor or an engineer. For some it might be a pilot , an aerospace engineer or even a scientist.

All these little dreams and end goals start with your first inspiration , that you have ever looked up .
The optimism, the strength ,security and will to pursue what you wanna do is something that comes out of your first expert and role model in your life, which is definitely your mom

The  ABCD's
Be it learning ABCD in kindgerden, or addition/subtraction in junior school or History of Indian Independence in Secondary standards, it all began with those million questions you asked to your mom and absorbed everything she taught. No matter how they taught you in school, you always seemed to remember and recollect what you learnt at home than those long hours at school and tuitions

First shot in Cricket
The long hours at the cricket ground , the net practice, the friendly cricket matches at the nearby playground, all traces back to the first time you held your bat , probably in a wrong way and tried to sweep it away as your mom bowled at you slowly, and the ball breaking the bulb in the room

Your prized MasterChef
You may be currently an expert in many cuisines across the world and know to differentiate between different types of cheese and know perfectly well to order a Ratatouille in French. But let's admit that the first sweetest and most delicious dish you ever had, was made by your mom and was probably a local delicacy made in a totally different format

First StyleGuideAs you watch over the stacks of Fashion magazines in your room and the hundreds of bookmarks of fashion blogs and websites pinned to your browser,you may probably consider yourself a mini fashion guide and consultant and wear the in-thing in fashion as of today. This also traces back to the lovely tshirts and little dresses your mom bought when you were a little kid ,with all those action heroes imprinted on them and you strode on the streets proudly

Incidentally  Godrej Expert Rich Crème celebrates our First Expert in addition to being the world's most hair colour expert. For more details check out here :

Friday, May 15, 2015

My Airtel

Most of us are caught up in a busy lifestyle with almost no time to take care of small activities around the house. One of the main activities among this is bill payments. The mere categories of bill payments itself makes it impossible to keep track of everything, not to mention the due date reminders, which can lead to late payment or disconnection charges. The main disadvantage till now is that, one doesn’t have the luxury of visiting the respective offices to pay the bills which may be located at different corners. Even if it involves recharging through the internet, that again is a complex process by itself, as we have to create and maintain user accounts for each service along with their passwords and then make the bill payments separately through credit card, debit card or net banking

Thankfully to much relief, popular cell phone network provider, Airtel has come up with a delightful app, called “My Airtel” which is a one stop shop for all your bill paying requirements

So if I were to list the top features which really helps me and suits my lifestyle, it would be the following

On the Go approach, where I can make payments irrespective of where I am, recharging directly from the mobile. Being constantly in travel, it helps me to track my bills in one place and make the payment with such ease and this includes my prepaid Mobile wallet, Airtel Money

Secured Payments and Faster Checkouts: Privacy and Security is a huge concern for me while making online payments and purchases. The MyAirtel app offers a big layer of security to secure my card payments and hence I can heave a sigh of relief over my security concerns of my banking account details

Offers: Being a loyal customer to the network , I’d really appreciate if I’m rewarded with some nice offers. This comes true in the MyAirtel App where users are assured of a special prize while doing their recharges. Each recharge payment allows you to get a prize that may vary from

·        Full Talktime offer
·        Free Mobile Internet
·        Cashback offer

Payments for multiple services : Extensively using multiple services like DTH (Like Airtel DTH/Tatasky etc) , Internet Broadband and obviously mobile postpaid payment, Airtel App gives a simple way to pay them all directly through the app with one go. All your details are saved after the first time, and from the next time onwards it’s a simple breeze
Others : Not only does it make your bill payments easier, but it also helps you track your account usage of internet and mobile plan , track service requests if you have applied for any change, buy products, add family & friend’s nos and much more

No wonder this makes it a must have app in everyone’s phone !

Check out this video on how the Airtel App with its simplistic design can make your life easier

For more information on the app , do visit :

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Crash The Pepsi IPL in Style !

The glitzy and glamorous version of the sport , Pepsi IPL has finally moved on to the final phases of the tournament where the top 4 teams compete against each other in a battle of nerves to clinch the trophy.  It’s almost impossible to predict who’s gonna win the cup this time after witnessing some spectacular efforts put in by each cricketer on the field. 

On a parallel note ,to keep things interesting off the field as well ,Pepsi came up with this amazing challenge of #CrashThePepsiIPL  where people were asked to don their creative hats and make interesting ads based on the Pepsi IPL theme,upload it to the gallery. The winners will then be chosen by the audience themselves by a voting system and the ads will be telecasted live on television during the IPL finals

This saw an unprecedented no of submissions by many users across India and almost several of them were very creative, humorous and entertaining in relation to the Pepsi IPL spirit. Given a choice to choose a few of them as my favourites, here’s a list of what I felt are the best ,both in terms of creativity ,humour and entertainment

1.     Crash The Pepsi IPL - Bujhaye Dil Ki Pyas
A very compassionate ad about a guy travelling in a taxi on a hot day and watches the driver, a very old man sweating it out in the hot sun. The guy offers him the drink ,which not only chills his heat but also his heart as he finally refuses to take money but insists asks the guy to get him a bottle of Pepsi as the fare amount

2.       Buddies
A very entertaining and humourous ad, where a group of friends are playing in a terrace and finally one guy comes up with an idea of playing hide and seek. They tie the girl’s eye and quietly slips away to a different location to open a fresh bottle of Pepsi for themselves as the girl wanders away in search of her friends

3.       Served
One of the finest ads in the gallery, the ad narrates all the fantastic foods that is available in each state of the country from Delhi’s Parantha to Hyderabadi Biryani as the video navigates through these Yummy foods. The final delicacy however is Pepsi which is actually the winner of the heart and the most favourite dish amongst all of them, being a common favourite across all of them

“I’m voting for the best ads in the #CrashThePepsiIPL activity in association with BlogAdda from 8th May to 14th May. Are you?”

Crashing the Pepsi IPL - A Finale

The 2015 edition of the Pepsi Indian Premier League has now entered the final phase. The league stages couldn’t get any more exciting than this, with records being shattered with many teams posting totals of 200+ and bowlers trying even harder to restrict teams to even less than 100. The competitive spirit and the quality of the batsman has improved by leaps and bounds ,with the audience witnessing some out of the world & impossible catches over the boundary line and some dare devil shot making as well
If on the field cricketing action excited you, Pepsi made it even more exciting off the field with the launch of the #CrashthePepsiIPL contest where people were asked to make innovative ads on the IPL which would be featured during the Pepsi IPL Matches. 

The winning selection however was left to the audience instead of a usual jury and it was time for the people to vote for their best ads

Given the choice of selection among the huge list of ads that was uploaded by the users, I would select the following ads as my most favourite and here are the reasons why :

Company Bole Toh Pepsi : 
The ad features a guy in his room trying to watch the IPL match and then realizes he wants a lot of things around , namely good furniture, good food , good company of friends or rather a romantic partner and last but not the least , Pepsi. He makes them appear with the click of his hand . But when the girl reaches for the Pepsi, he realizes that it is more important than his date and hence vanishes her off

Selective Hearing
The next ad that really caught my eye was on selective hearing. A shopkeeper seemed to find it hard to hear what the guy is asking for and seems to have a hearing problem. But when a little kid walks up to the store and asks for a Pepsi ,he immediately responds asking if he’d like to have a normal Pepsi or a Diet Pepsi , making it a real surprise for the other guy .
The ad is laced with good visuals and humour and really would be in the top of my considerations

The last ad I wanted to talk about ,revolves around the subject of national cricket and IPL Cricket. People who were against one another while playing for different nations is now united and forms different teams while it comes to Pepsi IPL where one supports the local franchise of their respective favourite players 

“I’m voting for the best ads in the #CrashThePepsiIPL activity in association with BlogAdda from 8th May to 14th May. Are you?”


Thursday, May 07, 2015

Ek Nayi League

The Indian cricket team has seen far too many great players in the last century, each being responsible in bringing immense glory and pride to the country. The list includes greats like Sachin Tendulkar, MS Dhoni, Sunil Gavaskar, Anil Kumble, Rahul Dravid , V.V.S.Laxman, Javagal Srinath etc. each excelling in their own specialization with the bat or the ball. But India has rarely seen very few all-rounders who have shined in all forms of the game. But one of those rare gems, one can never forget and primarily responsible in lifting the 1983 World Cup is Kapil Dev.
A cricketer who was worshipped, idolized and followed by several thousands of young sportsmen in his generation , across the country who dreamt of reaching the big stage,. His blinding 175 not out knock, the unplayable deliveries has left many bowlers and batsmen bewildered.

So it certainly is a joyous moment, when one sees this cricketing icon return back to the main screen, with a new exciting mystery league,this time off the field. With just a clue of “#EkNayiLeague” it certainly is a huge surprise to find out what this league is all about.

Off late we have seen several types of league in different games being sprung up, especially in India with a huge backing by sponsors, thereby attracting strong foreign talent. It started with the Indian cricket league, followed by the Indian Premier League, Indian Super League ( Footbcall ), Pro Kabbadi League, Indian Hockey League etc.

But to my suspicion, this is going to be a whole different ball game and nothing similar to any of the above cricketing leagues. The short teasers posted in Youtube explain Kapil Dev talking about various celebrities and how they will fail his #EkNayiLeague if they play to all their heart.

The obvious clues inferred from the video include
  • A game involving jackpots huge amounts of money
  • It’s a game for all sportsmen and celebrities including cricketers (both retired and current players), including tennis start Sania Mirza, popular comedian Kapil Sharma and the cricketer, Yuvraj Singh
  • Format of the game will be probably one among the below list:

    • The game may involve cricketing activities (probably like a Gully cricket) inside the Nets like the Box Cricket League.  It could probably mixed with ordinary people and cricketers
    • It could be a reality game show , where the participants have to do challenging activities to get the task done and win the jackpot
    • Given the fact that its not a game of hearts ,but rather a game of brains , this should involve technical and general knowledge questions being posed at the contestants.
    • As Kapil Dev describes proudly that Yuvraj Singh has got 16 crores and other cricketers are being auctioned at huge amounts , it is very likely that this game show will also be equally compensating the players and also be quite demanding in the efforts required to be put in

So we are all set to watch this exciting game show , irrespective of the format. Coming from the Kapil Dev, undoubtedly it should be very exciting to watch

Keep checking out for further updates on this