10 ways to improve Blog Score

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Setting up a blog in WordPress or Blogspot is pretty easy and free as well. You can sign up with an email id in seconds and start blogging almost instantly. With a quirky title, a blog address and a couple of posts down the line, you now look ahead to become a professional blogger. However, you realize there isn’t much-expected traffic as you wanted. The blog remains largely invisible in search results. Additionally, your blog ranks and traffic scores may not be largely impressive to get brand collaboration assignments. This is one of the reasons for this post of top 10 ways to improve blog score.

The key blog score metrics that one should follow are:

  • Alexa ranking(Global, Country ranking)
  • Moz Ranking
  • Page Authority 
  • Domain Authority. 

Check your scores here : https://moz.com/researchtools/ose/ , by entering your domain link

In my earlier post on “How to SEO Proof You Blog“, I had written about how to optimize blog layout, write good content, use Focus keywords and employ long tail keyword research to make it SEO friendly. In this post, I’ll be guiding you how to make your blog rankings to increase in the shortest time possible.

Top 10 Ways to Improve Blog Score

1. Frequency of Posting:

If you blog has a lot of good content (on a related topic) with a high frequency of posting, it is highly favourable for search engines. Google search results always bring up the recently published posts. So make sure you blog at least once a week, if not more. It’s been clearly established that blogs and websites having more posts have far better ranking than the ones with some old redundant posts.

2. Submitting Blog to Google Webmaster & Bing Webmaster

Though you have created a blog in Blogger or WordPress, and set visibility to public for google search, it may still be undiscovered for quite a while. Submitting your blog to Google’s Webmaster and Bing Webmaster and claiming it is a mandatory step in improving rankings.

You can do the following things : 
  • You can direct Google to direct traffic from a specific country like US, India etc
  • You can claim your blog and get it authorized from Google and Bing
  • Submit a sitemap for faster indexing of your website/blog and easier to crawl
  • Track crawl errors
  • Use Rich cards, data Highlighter for improved search appearance

    Improve Blog Score - Crawl errors
    Crawl Errors from Google Webmaster

    Improve blog score - Structured Data
    Structured data Analysis from Google Webmaster

    Submit it in these two sites


    3. Increase Backlinks to your Blog

    The only sureshot way in improving your blog score is to increase backlinks. More the backlinks, higher the popuarity of your blog. So you have to essentially identify sites that wouldallow you to backlink to your blog. Some of the points in 4,5 can help you do this effectively.

    increase blog score backlinks
    Source of Image : www.business2community.com

    4. Commenting in other’s blog

    It’s not sufficient that you blog in your page alone. You need to visit other blogs, probably in a related category and drop in your valuable comments. This will then index back to your website and hence creates more backlinks for your website. Comments should be descriptive and more accurate than just a “nice” or “good” one line comment. Comments also generate traffic when other readers gets to read your blog link that has been posted along with your comments. This, to me , is one of the easiest way to improve blog score.

    5. Guest Posting in Blogs

    Being a contributor, you can not only post some good content in your blog, but also do a guest posting in other’s blog. This not only establishes your popularity in other blogs, but also gives you an additional backlink to your site. While contributing to the guest post, ask for a simple backlink back to your blog. Google treats this as a high credibility link and hence credits you with a higher score. There are several blogs in the net that offers free guest posting (along with a do-follow backlink). A quick search in the web and even several blogging forums have people inviting other bloggers to do a guest posting in their blog.

    6. Owning a Custom/ Self Hosted Domain

    There is only a level to which your blog score is going to increase if its in a “.BlogSpot” or a “.wordpress” domain. If you are serious about blogging and making it big, buying a custom domain ( either a .in, .com , .org) is key in building your credibility.  Though there’s no hard and fast rule, search engines generally considers a self hosted .com or .in domain much more seriously and ranks it higher compared to the former.

    Get yourself a domain for as low as 99Rs/Year in  Godaddy. Second year onwards it costs 50/month and this helps a lot in establishing yourself as a professional. 90% of brands and PR firms disregard your blog if it ends with .blogspot.com or .wordpress.com  . So dont mind the small cost and get yourself a nice domain quickly and start your earnings

    Get your domain here and use promo code : gdbbk1005 to get 40% additional discount 🙂

    7.Blog Directory Submission

    This is a common practice among all bloggers to submit their blog links in all blog forums, blog directories that’ll provide them with a Dofollow link. A Do-Follow link is a link that passes the “juice” (a blog’s ranking ) to the blog it is linking as well. So, if a highly rated blog is mentioning you with a Do-Follow link, consider yourself very lucky.

    8. Focus Keyword in Blog Content

    There used to be a time when I wrote random articles on different topics. I didn’t really worry about keyword placement, search engine placements, CPC etc. However, I realized that focusing on a particular set of keywords and optimizing the blog post can boost your scores immensely. Everything from Blog title, blog permalink, blog subheadings, alt text in images holds key in promoting the focus keyword . I have written about this in detail in my previous post. In case you wanted to know, the focus keywords for this post is “Improve Blog Score“.

    9. Social Media Promotions

    Social Media doesn’t restrict to Twitter and Facebook. It also includes LinkedIn, Instagram, Quora, Pinterest and so many other websites that can drive a lot of traffic to your blog. So when you write a status update or post an answer to a question in Quora or even post a pic in Instagram, always remember link it back to your blog.

    10. Use SEO Plugins, SemRush Tool & Spam Score Checker

    If you are using a wordpress blog, you can install plugins like Yoast to automatically optimize your post in terms of SEO as well as readability. Additionally you can sign up to a free account with a tool called Semrush to help you analyze your posts. This will tell you how your posts are ranking , and what keywords in your blog are having a high value and CPC. Google webmaster will further tell you the spam links that’s making your site weak and this can prompt you to add blacklist sites. This helps in preventing Google to consider your blog as spam.

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