Rolls Royce Phantom (Extended Wheelbase) – An Experience

For starters, this is not an automobile “review” but rather a stunning visual experience of one of the world’s most famous, most expensive car in the world. Yes, I am talking about none other than Rolls Royce. A brand known for its epitome of luxury, elegance, class and the “Royal” factor, owning a Rolls Royce itself is considered a prestige & status & authority symbol than anything else. The BMW owned brand calls it a “ceremonial” chariot, having been owned by the Kings, Nizams and Maharajas of India and currently comes under the “Super Luxury” category of cars. It comes as no surprise that this was also reinstated as the “Best Car in the World”.

rolls royce phantom extended wheelbase edition

I was privileged to be invited as an automobile blogger to an exclusive launch of the Rolls Royce Phantom (extended wheelbase edition) , the first time in South India , here in Chennai. The first look of the car itself had a mesmerizing effect on me on the grandeur, beauty and the royal charisma, the car seemed to exude quite visibly. Be it the iconic Rolls Royce logo or the shining all-aluminium spaceframe, the Rolls Royce stood like a majestic vehicle in the centre of the ball room. Even as the engine was turned on and you sat inside it, the car stood at pin drop silence and you couldn’t even make out the powerful V12 engine was actually running.

rolls royce phantom extended wheelbase edition

Here are some amazing facts about the Rolls Royce Phantom.

Owned by BMW

  bmw owned rolls royce
Founded in 1906, Rolls Royce , after a still competition between BMW & Volkswagen, was finally bought over by the BMW group. BMW was preferred as they were anyways in business providing the engines and other parts.

spirit of chase logo


rolls royce phantom handle


Sound Insulation


rolls royce phantom handle

The car is layered up with 130Kg of sound insulation, fitted with a double laminated glass and you can expect absolute silence when you are being driven.  Apparently sound was so quiet that even the test engineers had a hard time figuring out if their calibration machines were working or not.

Hand Made

rolls royce phantom logo

One of the most distinctive features of the Rolls Royce is the Handmade finish. Almost everything in the Rolls Royce is made by hand. This includes

  • Rolls Royce Radiator Grille  (even a measuring instrument is not used)
  • The Space Frame Chasse
rolls royce phantom extended wheelbase spaceframe

    • 5 Layers of Painting
    • The starry lit ceiling/roof of the car
       rolls royce phantom ceiling

        • Interior Veneers and pretty much everything else

          Rolls Royce Logo in Wheel Cap 


          The distinctive Rolls Royce Logo with the double “R” , though placed in the center of the wheel cap, never rotates even the wheel is spinning at a great speed. I have no idea how they managed to do that, but that’s something you should definitely notice, next time you see a Rolls Royce go past you.

          Colour Choices

          Spoilt for choice is literally a fact when it comes to the Rolls Royce.  A customer can actually choose from 44,000 exterior colours and also any personalized design from the company.  The Sultan of Brunei incidentally owns a Rolls Royce Phantom made of pure gold.

          rolls royce phantom extended wheelbase colours


          You might as well experience the same luxury that of a 5 star hotel ‘suite’, being adorned with the finest leather and veneers. Even the rear seating is curated from lounge to individual formats. The impressive array of wood and leather can leave any one stunning.

          rolls royce phantom control panel


          Rolls Royce Phantom Tech Specs

          The Phantom is a powerhouse when it comes to speed and performance and carries a top speed of 155 mph / 250 km/h . Acceleration to 0-100 km/h is just 5.4 seconds.
          Engine / cylinders / valves : Rolls Royce comes with one of the most powerful automobile engines, namely the V /12 / 48 .   Maximum torque @ engine speed 900 Nm / 664 lb ft @ 1700 rpm 
          Power output @ engine speed :  563 bhp / 571 PS / 420 kW @ 5000 rpm

          rolls royce phantom test drive


          The dimensions of the extended wheelbase edition of the Rolls Royce Phantom are as follows:
          • Vehicle length  5982 mm / 235.5 in 
          • Vehicle width 2018 mm / 79.4 in 
          • Vehicle height (unladen) 1656 mm / 65.2 in 
          • Wheelbase 3772 mm

          Price : 

          Pricing in India for Phantom (Standard Wheelbase) has been officially announced at Rs 9.5 Crores, with Phantom Extended Wheelbase from Rs 11.35 Crores, inclusive of a four-year service package and regional warranty, 24-hour roadside support . This is an ex showroom price and taxes are extra.

          Keep dreaming, never give up on anything , achieve your goals,  and someday you might just find yourself owning one of these 🙂

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