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Suppose you venture in the market to purchase an automobile, especially a car, you’ll be inundated with so many segments, variants, brands in different price ranges. Understanding the variation in technical specifications among the variants in the same car , key features / USP of the car can be another uphill task. Once you are done checking these specs , next step is to compare it with another competitor brand. Most times, you have to make manual comparisons, with the little info provided by car salesmen and arrive at a suitable decision and definitely difficult without a car comparison website.

autoportal car comparison site

These factors generally extend the Awareness->Consideration->Purchase funnel, purely because of a lack of collective knowledge about all cars and deciding which is best.There were automobile magazines that gave a good insight on these things about cars. But you had to sit and read through pages to get a clear info on what you were looking for. Then came the car aggregator sites which helped to list the potential cars you would want to buy along with a critic & user rating, reviews and other upcoming releases in this segment.

autoportal car comparison website

One such automobile site I discovered during my recent Automobile search was Why was it useful and how do they work?

Here are 4 different key sections of AutoPortal:

    1.New Car Research with On-Road Price info 

    This is one of the key sections of the website. You just need to click on New Car Research and it gives you the option of choosing the type of car by Body type.This includes Hatchback, SUV, Sedan, Luxury, Electric etc. Once selected you get a list of all the cars in that segment with their price, technical info etc.

      • Suppose you get to choose SUV and later filter to choose a price range of 10-20 lakhs, you’ll be shown Ford Ecosport, XUV 500, Tata Hexa ,Hyundai Tucson and Jeep Compass among others.
    autoportal car comparison site india

      • Select the cars that you wish to consider and click on the Compare Button on the top. This will list out the best features of each car in a single consolidated table and helps you to immediately narrow down on the car that you want to buy.
      • In fact, you even have an option “Hide common features” and “Highlight key differences.
      • Once done, click on “Get On-Road price” and you’ll be given a quote, along with a loan EMI quote. If you are interested, you will be contacted by a nearby dealer and you start your booking/test drive process immediately.

      2. New Bike Research with On-Road Price info

        Similar to the cars section, there are different bikes(Motorcycles) listed by brands. You’ll be even surprised that there are so many brands available in this space, as we might only remember the top 2-3 brands like Bajaj or Hero or Honda.

        autoportal car comparison website

        autoportal car comparison site

        You can even get to compare upto 4 different bikes at the same time along with expert reviews and feedback. As someone, who might be upgrading my bike in the next couple of years, this will be a boon for me to get every information I need in a single page .

          3. Buying and Selling Used Cars

            If you are planning to sell your own or even consider buying an used car at competitive rates, AutoPortal helps you with that too. With quality assurance and great service, you’ll end up buying an almost perfect car at such competitive prices, and get the feeling you are driving a new car. In my opinion, Autoportal is definitely one of the best used cars buying site in India !
            best used cars buying website India

            4. News & Articles

              If you want updates and news articles about new releases , car maintenance tips or even expert predictions about a car, go and check out their news and articles section.

              Independence Day Offer (Aug 1 – Aug 31)

              So Autoportal has now come with an awesome Independence Day offer. #FreedomtoExplore
              Once you are done with your auto research, go ahead and book a car with a referral through Autoportal between Aug 1st ‘17 & Augus 31st ’17.

              Steps to participate in Independence Day offer

              • Make a booking request  at 
              • Visit dealer and pay booking amount to him and do inform him you have come through AutoPortal. 
              • Send your booking receipt to 99533 50171 to be eligible for the offer
              • Later make the rest of payment to Dealer. 
              • Get ready to win the awesome prizes 

              Independence Day Offer Prizes by AutoPortal

              You’ll now stand a chance to win one among these

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