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Hiring for the best talent is one of the key things every company would be focussed to do.  These people would later form to be your core team and contribute to majority of your company’s success. More than just employees, the top/ best performing employees are considered assets to a company. When the company comes out for valuation in the stock market, more than their products or services, the employees add immense value to the equation

This is why, when you buy out a company, you are not just getting their products but rather you are acquiring their key asset, the employees. Identifying and hiring such talent can be one of the toughest things every employer would face. Retaining them a couple of years later is altogether a different ball game.

Standard Hiring Process

For any opening, you’ll probably be flooded with hundreds of resumes, most of which doesn’t suit your requirement or the people not employable. Searching through wades of resumes, identifying the best quality ones and interviewing them could be an arduous month long task. It’s critical that during this qualification process, you never reject a right candidate by mistake.

For any medium sized to big firm, the process of posting a job requirement, receiving applications, interviewing them , shortlisting them, negotiating an offer and finally giving the job can take anywhere between a month or sometimes two.

interviewdesk hr platform

So what if there was a readymade pool of “pre-qualified” candidates , who are already interviewed by an expert interviewer/panel and just waiting for you to give a final clearance? Doesn’t that gets your job done in minutes and saves you all the routine outbound calls?

InterviewDesk – OnDemand Interviewer Platform 

Yes, that dream has become a reality with the launch of the “On-Demand” Interviewer platform, called InterviewDesk.

InterviewDesk works like a marketplace model service. They let companies outsource the recruitment process and leave it to the experts at InterviewDesk. Meanwhile InterviewDesk attracts interviewers, having decades of experience in different fields to ask the right questions. So across geography, across Industry, InterviewDesk helps to quickly form panels of experts in different domains and different job functions such as Healthcare, IT, Manufacturing, Analytics, Supply Chain, Marketing etc. So when you outsource this process, your hundreds of bundles of resumes gets filtered out to just handful of quality profiles which can be interviewed immediately.

interview desk hr platform

Benefits for an Employer

  • Hiring process accelerated by 10X Times
  • Expert Interviewer panel to Filter profiles and shortlist them
  • Reduces cost spent on Hiring  
  • Can focus more on In-Depth interviews to get the right talent

Earning Opportunities for Interviewers:

If you are a professional interviewer or even an expert in a particular domain, InterviewDesk offers you a great monetizing opportunity. With a flexible platform, you get to be part of a large interviewer community and get to earn a nice side income with a commitment of minimum of 60mins of your time. This not only helps to earn , but also builds a brand for you and promoting your visibility to prospective employers and other job seekers.

I had the opportunity to attend the launch of Interview Desk at GRT last week and hence the post is in collaboration with InterviewDesk.

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