JewelOnFire – An Interesting Discovery

I’ve always had a tough time choosing the right kind of gifts for my friends or loved ones, esp on special occassions such as her birthday , festivals or rather even a friend-versary. Without a doubt, jewellery, accessories are something they absolutely adore and would be delighted as a gift. However at the same time, there are greater chances that it can go wrong, incase you pick up something that doesn’t match to their taste. While surfing through the web, I came across an interesting site called JewelOnFire and thought of reviewing it in my blog.

zodiac necklace

In general,the rates of diamond , platinum and other jewellery products are usually marked up by jewellery stores. This is because it passes through a distribution model , where it is moves from the supplier, distributor, middlemen and finally to the jewellery stores. With these multiple levels of markup, end of the day you may find the product to be heavily priced , far more than its worth.

JewelOnFire, took the inspiration from this and began creating an unique offering. They cut out all the irrelevant middlemen, worked directly with the manufacturers to sell some high quality diamond jewellery and gemstone, at roughly 90% off retail pricing. This was sold through their online marketplace, This made the jewellery easily available to the masses than restricting only the elite ones who’d step into the premium jewellery showrooms.

They deal with variety of products including Rings, Bracelets, Necklaces, Earrings, Diamond and Gemstone sets among other things.Some of their white diamond rings start as low as 25$ and goes upto 400$ range.
Though not much into jewellery,I quickly checked their men’s ring collection and they had some pretty interesting designs, that anyone could pull it off in style.

Zodiac Metal Chains 

One thing that totally caught my eye was their Zodiac based metal chains/necklaces for just 19$ . This was really unique and something I was looking for quite a while

Fire Deal Offers 

Jewel On Fire, true to their name actually has Weekly “Fire” deals, offering products for nearly 90% off. Who knows you might be a lucky one to grab one at the 90% sale , on a first come first serve basis.

Do note that they currently ship only within the United States with free shipping.
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