Nioxin Now !

The famous Hair Salon product company Nioxin has now finally entered India after an eternity of waiting. With Collaboration from Blogadda, they had a soft launch in one of the popular hair salons in Chennai , inviting all the top Chennai Bloggers for the event. This launch was one among the many tours they had planned across India including Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai etc. 
The Chennai launch began on a beautiful Saturday afternon,which also happened to resemble a mini Bloggers reunion as everyone seemed to be pretty hyped and excited about this first Blogadda event in Chennai
The launch began soon after the BlogAdda Team reached the venue, all the way from Mumbai

The Nioxin guys later took over and started with an intro of the firm and what it was all about :
A research that began in 1987 led to the identification of thinning hair gradually over years , by Nioxin. This led to a study to find out why it happened and hence came up with a range of solutions, hair care treatments and shampoos .Hence their objective was to use advanced technologies to deliver thicker, fuller, denser-looking hair.
The resulting portfolio of products from Nioxin includes
  • Nioxin Thinning Hair System Kits
  • Nioxin Intensive Treatment Solutions
  • Nioxin Scalp Renewal Kits

This intro was followed by a consultation session by the Hair experts at Bounce.The hair consultation included an in-depth hair scanning and screening based on 3 attributes of the scalp Derma, Density and Diameter. A camera zoomed through the hair showing an image of the scalp.This gave a detailed image on the damage and scalp condition. 
Based on the condition of the scalp and other examinations about the hair condition the people were suggested one of the 6 hair thinning treatments of Nioxin:
Activ Renewal, Glyco Shield, Treansactive delivery system, Scalp access delivery system, Bioamp, Smoothplex
This followed with a relaxing and refreshing Spa Session that totally made it worthwhile
And of course why would I not mention the delicious sandwiches, coffees and fresh juices that were served in the middle ,which would have been the second biggest highlight of the day for me
You can try and experience #NioxinNowIndia at your nearest salon. This activity is in association with” in both the blogposts”

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