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Have you ever thought of flying an aircraft, as it glides majestically in to the air, only to know that its a wild dream beyond your reach ?

Has your pulse raced to the Vroommmm sound of the V8 engine of a F1 car, while you wished you can drive one such beast?

Have you wished for a car that can accommodate your entire family very comfortably and at the same time give you that power and mileage that you expect

Well, your wish might been have just granted by the folks at Renault. Read on to know how..

To live a passionate life beyond rules and to its fullest is almost everyone’s dream. Not bound by any societal norms, financial and moral limits that bounds you to stick to a boring mundane life. Living with the people you love , surrounded by the things you like, and joined with better company is what everyone aspires for .
So given a choice to take those most cherished things of my life and break free into an exciting destination, one would jump at the opportunity at once. 

The most important things that I could list would be :

  • My Family,Loved ones and Friends
  • My Pet
  • My Laptop
  • My Media Collection (Books,Movies and Music )
  • My Guitar


  • Last but not the least My Renault Car

The Renault Lodgy car is truly a Family car in every sense, with 3 rows of seating with ample space between each and there’s no doubt you can fit the entire family, friends in the back rows and the special one right on the front passenger seat

The Pet dog will take a share of everyone’s seat as well as the back window seat

My laptop, my personal essentials and other items will easily fit into the enormous dynamic trunk storage of 207 litres which is expandable upto 1861 litres. This is in addition to the large roof space which can hold several bags as well

The Renault Lodgy has a large glove space that should fit in my music CD collection . Post integration with a video player ,the car should function as a fully equipped media system as the people can comfortably watch a movie during a long drive

So its just a matter of chance and  opportunity for me to hop on to a long weekend drive with my close friends and family in the Renault as the holiday mood kicks in. The drive will be extremely enjoyable thanks to the glittering features of the Lodgy namely :

  1. A large car that can easily fit in 7 people seated very comfortably 
  2. 360 Degree cooling system that reaches even to the back most corner of the car
  3. A Touch Screen Nav System along with Bluetooth
  4. Cruise control mode along with a speed limiter
  5. A Large boot space for luggages
  6. Dual Front Air Bags
  7. Rear Parking Sensors and Rear View Camera
  9. A 110ps Dci engine
  10. Adaptive Suspension Tuning

Among the above,If I was given the choice to list the top features of this remarkable piece of machinery ,it would definitely be the following


Being a car enthusiast, the key feature I would look in the car,  is the engine . The Renault Lodgy certainly doesn’t disappoint me in this matter as it lives up to its huge expectation and even out performs it.  Renault Lodgy boasts of a 1.5 litre DCI engine with a 110 PS of Power and 245 Nm of torque at 1750 RPM with a 6 speed transmissions

So why are these specs important ? 
Here’s the reason and also why I should probably call this the car of the “firsts”

      • 1. First car to have a 6 speed in this MUV segment. That translates to higher speeds with greater downforce and power
      •  First car to come with a 110 PS K9K engine which is actually not found in any of the other cars in this segment, be it the Duster , Ertigo, Innova or the XUV . So even at a triple digit speed in a highway , it should give you a floating effect surging effortlessly without the lightest strain on the engine, guaranteeing you a smooth ride
      • The DcI (Direct common Rail Injection Engine) is a modern high tech version of the fuel injection system that has a separate high pressure pump for each cylinder resulting in better spray pattern of the fuel, lower fuel consumption and lower emissions
      • A possible fuel efficiency of 19.8kmpl – A magical number that cannot be claimed by almost any car in this segment (be it a competitor’s MUV or even a SUV brand for that matter)


          The design shares the top spot along with the Engine when it comes to the Renault Lodgy as its ergonomic design clearly shows attention to detail. Despite trying to accommodate 7-8 people in 3 rows, it still allows each person to be seated very comfortable with ample leg space and dedicated A/C vents

          Additionally Lodgy contains Coffee cup holders and luxurious flight trays that makes sure you can have a mini picnic inside your car itself 

          Zooming into the other little parts that adds up to the beauty, includes

          • Sporty Alloy Wheels : The 5 spoke alloy wheels with R185 tyres make it look like a muscular machine and a beast in the road. 
          • The luxurious Captain Seats with premium upholstery
          • Mobile Charging sockets
          • Glossy finished Leather Steering wheel and several other features certainly adds the charm to the Lodgy


          As the years progressed, we saw a rapid rise in adoption of technology in automobiles. One prime example of such a seamless integration is the Renault Lodgy. The key feature of the Lodgy would be the MediaNav Console. A touch screen enabled USB and Bluetooth media system that allows you to play all your favourite tracks as well as acting as a communication, navigation and parking device
          Rear Parking Sensors and Rear View Camera
          With the help of the Media Nav system , the rear view camera and sensors will inform you if there are obstacles with the help of a beeping sound and makes your rear parking a child’s play

          ABS and EBD

          The AntiLock Braking System and the Electronic Braking Distribution makes the ride much safer as the car can make an anti skid brake in a very short distance giving the driver much better control


          Safety is the paramount feature when testing any car . This has been taken very seriously with the Lodgy ,as always the case with Renault carsThe car comes loaded with Dual Front AirbagsRear Parking Sensors and Rear Camera to warn of obstacles while reversing the carBrake Assist with ABS that can make the car come to a halt even in emergency braking situationsCentral Locking and Keyless EntryOpen Door Warning DisplaysA strong metal body that should keep you safe in case of an unavoidable accident


          The most striking feature of the Renault Lodgy is their remarkably low pricing. They have managed to keep it within the 10Lakh price tag for the basic models despite its high feature content. This certainly comes to play when one gets to consider and choose a MUV segment car for the family. It’ll definitely stand out from the competition and should give a run for the money for all its competitors

          So what stops you from an exciting journey and adventure to a distant land as you drive through the picturesque landscape in this beautiful car with your loved ones

          All Wheels Aboard

          I’m participating in the #LiveLodgycalcontest with Renault in association with BlogAdda to get a chance to be a part of the #LiveLodgycal Drive in Goa.

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