A Radiant Skin

Skincare is one of the most important topics that have been taken very seriously these days. People spend thousands of rupees to maintain that clear, radiating and fair skin without any blackheads, blemishes or pimples. Yet most of them are disappointed with lack of results, furiously looking for better alternatives.
The market is flooded with thousands of brands, selling face creams, moisturizers, cleansers, oil absorbent creams, face washes, anti-pimple creams, and toners etc. But one thing that’s common across all these products is the amount of chemicals and harmful agents that they may have included while preparation. Despite providing an immediate relief over various skin problems they may definitely have harmful side effects in the longer run
So I’ve gone ahead and listed out some of the most effective skin care techniques,based on my experience to ensure a long lasting fresh and radiating skin
They are as follows:

  • The first step in working towards a clean and radiating face is to first wipe off all the dust, sweat and oil that may have accumulated in the face. This is quite normal when one keeps roaming around outside in the hot sun, esp. during summers
  •  This should be followed by a face wash, minimum of thrice a day with warm salty water. This should make your face fresh and oil free without aggravating the acne. This is because, for those with oily skin, the most important point is to ensure the skin’s oil production is balanced without drying the face completely
  • Exfoliation: Exfoliating a skin once a week with a gentle scrub or any other product containing hydroxy acids will prevent blackheads from forming
  • Drinking Fresh Juices: To stay healthy and maintain a glowing fresh skin, there’s no easier alternative than consuming lots and lots of fresh fruit juices, especially between meals. Fruits like apple, orange, lime and other citrus fruits are loaded with Vitamin C that can give a rejuvenated feeling to the skin, especially in the face.
  • Cutting down on sugar: Sugar is one of those silent agents, which has the potential to break out acnes in multiples. So a sugar overloaded item like donuts, creams, and cakes can definitely cause a pimple overload and hence should definitely be avoided
  • Stress: The most visible effects of stress can be shown on the face and forehead. Stress hormones increases oil production that can build up throughout the day. This build up leads to clogged pores, breakouts and whiteheads. So the most important step in maintaining a clean fresh face is to completely cut down on anything that causes a lot of stress
  •  Drinking Water: I’m pretty sure everyone is aware of the numerous effects of drinking water. One of those important effects includes clearing the skin, improves digestion, boosting the immune system and drains down the oil content 
  • An Ayurvedic Solution : The above steps talked about the simple home remedy solutions that can maintain a clean skin. However in order to improve the overall health and skin texture of a skin, one should definitely go for a Ayurvedic way of treatment. An Ayurvedic cream like Vicco Turmeric cream leverages the microbicide properties of turmeric,prevents oily skin, fights pimples and clears blackheads.It doesn’t contain the harmful cosmetical products/chemicals that other brands may use and would definitely heal your skin , and gives the radiant healthy skin, free of pimples and blackheads that you always desired for

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