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Music is an art form that can represent many different things to several people. For some music can be just a small hobby. For some music can be a distraction or even call it noise. For certain people, music can be their lifeline as it revives them from all kinds of depression, stress or tension
To me, music is everything in life. Be it a loud death metal music, a slow Jazz melody, a rock song or a popular film music song, anything can move me based on the given mood and situation. It can help me focus on an important thing that I’m working on and not be distracted by the people surrounding me. It acts as a sudden adrenalin rush to me, giving me that extra energy from the foot tapping beats and makes me excel in whatever I do. Be it during a heavy workout at the gym or running at the race tracks, listening to the songs in my headset certainly makes a huge difference to me
Being an art lover, I have always appreciated the various beautiful forms of art, being pictures, dance, drama and music. More importantly, wherever I go I prefer myself to be surrounded with dance and music that can really set the mood going. After a hard day’s at work, the first thing you’d want to do is to head to a club, let your hair down and unwind and dance to your fullest. All the stress, tension and work pressures you had encountered, you’d want to just dissipate them away as you dance furiously till the late hours of the night
So when asked my personal opinion on the best combo for Music-Dance, it should definitely be Allu Arjun and Anushka Manchanda. Allu Arjun, is a famous celebrity in Tollywood and known for his fantastic dance moves in all his movies , while Anushka is a pop diva in Bollywood and also a Ex VJ in Channel V. She became an instant success once people got to know about her enchanting voice that set her apart from other singers.
One of the most awaited scenarios that I’ve been awaiting is for these two to pair up and give a thundering performance in any of the concerts. An ideal scenario to host these two would be the most popular Sunburn & Supersonic Festival. A festival , where artists from all over the world come and perform ,would be the ideal stage for Anushka to sing her most popular tracks as Allu Arjun sets the stage on fire with his dance moves . This should ideally be the perfect showcase to the world about India’s real talents, a definite MaxFreshMove. Hopefully this would come true one day and I’d be thrilled to witness one such spectacle

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