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Music can be defined in many ways. A cuckoo’s call can be music. A printed sheet of signs representing the different notations can be music. Clanking of bells in a temple can be music. A person singing with a divine voice losing herself completely in oblivion can be music. Playing of a piano with certain notes and order can also be called as music
Several dictionaries define music as an art of sound in time that expresses ideas and emotions in significant forms through the elements of rhythm, melody, harmony, and color. As much as debating how complex that definition sounds, the concept of music itself brings a huge cheer to so many people’s lives. In thousands of scenarios, music has acted like a divine medicine curing even the rarest of diseases.
To me music is an elixir and a necessity that definitely keeps my spirit and passion alive. It can channel my spirits in the right way and keeps me focused towards my goal as I remain undeterred. Music always hits the right nerves inside me as it can be an instant mood changer and makes me a totally different person as I plug into the headset dissolving myself into a different world as I lose track of my current.
There are several kinds of music that I have been fond of and a repeated listener. Some of the genres include Rock, Jazz, Blues, Carnatic Music Film songs and Pop songs. I have always appreciated all kinds of artists right from A.R.Rahman , Michael Jackson to Linkin Park and Metallica
On a recent note, the two people who has caught my eye is Anushka Manchanda and Allu Arjun, one famous for her music , while the other a celebrity known for his sizzling dance moves.
Anushka was a popular VJ in Channel V and slowly transitioned to the musical industry, thanks to her glorious voice. She became an instant hit with some of her popular chart busters include: Dance Basanti from Ungli, Allah Duhai Hai from Race 2, Golmaal, Tu Saala, Mit Jhaaye Ghum from Dum Maro Dum and currently sung more than 62 songs in multiple languages.
Allu Arjun on the other hand needs no introduction to the southern film fraternity. A Tollywood actor, known for his hit moves and even bigger hit dance moves. Fans have rejoiced and reveled in excitement ahead of his every movie expecting the bigger than life star , performing to his best and spinning out his dance moves to the popular film numbers.
If ever given a wish to see these stars perform, I’d wish that both Anushka and Allu perform together in a popular beach party festival. Beside the shores, a beach party festival is the most ideal place these two popular stars can perform as the huge crowd goes wild in excitement. This would be an event, that one can never forget as the two most popular stars, one excelling in dance while the other having an enchanting voice should be an irresistible combination.

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