The Odour Battle

Who said the age of wars were over. How many of us realize that, today there is a silent war that we battle on a daily basis . A war so powerful that it can lead you to extremes and make your life terrible

Yes, I’m talking about the battle of odours. A smell that can drive you from being very pleasant and happy to an extreme irritable mood and depressed. An issue, that’s pretty much prevalent in all households, small or big, rich or poor, a bad odour shows no mercy when it spreads across all parts of the house

The source of bad smell would include:

  • Sweaty clothes,shoes and unwashed socks can be ranked among the top reason for a pungent smell that can really last a while.

  • Cooking : Though in most cases, cooking can really stir an aroma, it’s not always the case. Certain food items like garlic, fish, and chicken have a bad odour in them by default ,that can make some people even have breathlessness. Even when they use an exhaust fan the smell lingers on and the whole house becomes like a meat house with a rotten odour. Sometimes even when one forgets to switch off the burner and the food gets over burnt ,it can cause a deep pungent smell   

  • Pets : Despite being a huge pet lover, one should be forced to admit that pets like dogs can sometimes cause a bad smell. The smell nay not be directly coming from them ,but rather come from the pet supplies and even their food that can cause quite a stink

  • Garbage : The smell inside a house in most cases is determined by how they treat their garbage. A clean segregation of biodegradable and non-biodegradable is key in ensuring cleanliness goes a long way in preserving the original smell and not polluting the environment with the bad odours of items like rotten eggs, leftover food, pizzas etc

  • Bathrooms : One of the main source of bad odour in the house comes from the bathroom. If its not properly maintained, the smell can be extremely difficult to handle and can even spread to the neighbours. No matter how many buckets of water is poured ,it takes days for the smell to disappear .

Solution : So what do you do when you are faced with so many agents of bad odour attacking your house and yet you want to maintain a perfect house with a pleasant smell. To begin with , I’d purchase an Ambipur Air Freshner that can completely the odour in the house, and not just cover them

Spraying regularly in all parts of the house can ensure its longevity of the pleasant smell lingering over the house


Next step would be to discard old clothes. The soiled unwashed clothes would be dumped inside the sealed laundry bag. This can seal off the odours that emanate from the clothes as the bag will be sealed and restrict it.

The house will be decorated with fresh flowers in different corners as well as burning of incense sticks that can act as a natural freshner to the house to cover the bad odours

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