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Purchasing that desired house can really be a huge task and we take even more care in maintaining it. I’ve witnessed people spending thousands of rupees on decorating and designing the house, trying to make it look very attractive and clean. Yet they ignore the most basic component of a beautiful house. A component that satisfies the olfactory senses of the human body. Yes, a beautiful house should be accompanied with a beautiful smell for it to give that complete compelling look, else it’ll only drive away its visitors and guests.

For that matter, any house which carries off a beautiful smell tends to look very attractive and vice versa. It takes a great deal in preventing all odours and keeps a check on all sources

So how does one battle these on a daily basis, without spending a fortune and yet preserve a natural scent across the house.

Some of the most readymade solutions include

A whiff of Ambi Pur Air Freshner sprayed across the house can instantly change the mood and scent to an elevated level as it removes all the bad odour and invigorates the air inside the house. This is by far the most easiest and best long lasting solution in eliminating bad odour in the house

Other common household solutions may include burning of an agabathi (Incense stick) in the puja room that can cloud the smell of bad odour .Though sometimes the smell of this can be quite nauseating for a few

Trying to eliminate the garbage frequently, washing clothes frequently with a nice detergent can wipe off that bad rotten egg or sweat smell across the house.

In certain houses, bad odours come from the surrounding neighbourhood .Hence closing of all windows firmly to ensure no bad smell comes in through is also a forced solution one should take in this scenario.

Cooking can be the worst agent of odours, esp when raw meat, chicken and fish is being cooked. These have some particles in them that can really stink up the entire house if not the floor. No matter how powerful your exhaust fan is, the foods can easily overpower the existing freshness and make it a mess. One way of preventing this is to buy processed meat and fish from outside and consume it. Else add enough ingredients in the cooking that can overcome the effects of the fish and meat

Body odour can be the worst kind of smell one can really not withstand. With all those hours in the hot sun or sweating it out in the gym , can really stir up a body odour. Naturally a shower can remove the sweat but the sweaty smell may linger on for quite a few. Investing in a good body spray or perfume with a roll on deodorant would be an ideal solution in eliminating the body odour

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