A Heartwarming Gift

A memorable childhood is one where you grew up with vivid memories of several exciting things.These may have included the  thousands of wishes, dreams to achieve a lot of things on the way.. It most probably was a fine blend of failures, success, happiness, sorrow and excitement as you reminisce those lovely days
Playing around the small streets, fighting around with each other like big men, we all grew up with lots of people around us, caring and looking out for us. Be it friends, cousins, our teachers and last but not the least our parents, we always were surrounded by someone who watched over us. If ranked the most important people in your life, the most important of the list would definitely be your parents. Someone who stood for you during your school years as you battled out all your struggles, societal pressures, exams and other conflicts you seemed to have. Your desires, wishes were most often met, and you often got what more than you asked for. Placed in the laps of luxury, you were fed for, taught, coached & motivated for every exam in school, was bought every delightful gadget you desired for.
You got the most fashionable dress that was out there in the market, irrespective of the price tag, you seemed to have an endless supply of sporting goods including bats and balls so that you were never left alone in sports. You got a weekly copy of the latest comic magazines and storybooks almost without fail, a sporty bicycle to ride, a favourite superhero Tshirt and even that outfit that goes with it. You were provided and got every opportunity, for you to become the coolest kid in the block
The gifts you got from your parents, especially your dad was priceless. In most cases, even before you asked for it was there waiting for you. Not just the monetary gifts, but the priceless gift of learning to live life the right way ,some cool life hacks and what not
So when it is time for you to return all the love you have been showered , there can be no specific gift that can fit this virtue or matches the  price tag of all the things you’ve received till date, other than a sincere hug to convey what all of it means to you
This small gesture would definitely go a long in conveying what you exactly wanted to express all along
This father’s day, I am expressing my love towards my dad by participating in the #HugYourDad activity at BlogAdda in association with Vicks
Do check out this heartwarming video from Vicks :

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