My First Expert

Everyone grows up with far fletched dreams and ambition to become something great when they grow up
For some it might be a doctor or an engineer. For some it might be a pilot , an aerospace engineer or even a scientist.

All these little dreams and end goals start with your first inspiration , that you have ever looked up .
The optimism, the strength ,security and will to pursue what you wanna do is something that comes out of your first expert and role model in your life, which is definitely your mom

The  ABCD’s
Be it learning ABCD in kindgerden, or addition/subtraction in junior school or History of Indian Independence in Secondary standards, it all began with those million questions you asked to your mom and absorbed everything she taught. No matter how they taught you in school, you always seemed to remember and recollect what you learnt at home than those long hours at school and tuitions

First shot in Cricket
The long hours at the cricket ground , the net practice, the friendly cricket matches at the nearby playground, all traces back to the first time you held your bat , probably in a wrong way and tried to sweep it away as your mom bowled at you slowly, and the ball breaking the bulb in the room

Your prized MasterChef
You may be currently an expert in many cuisines across the world and know to differentiate between different types of cheese and know perfectly well to order a Ratatouille in French. But let’s admit that the first sweetest and most delicious dish you ever had, was made by your mom and was probably a local delicacy made in a totally different format

First StyleGuideAs you watch over the stacks of Fashion magazines in your room and the hundreds of bookmarks of fashion blogs and websites pinned to your browser,you may probably consider yourself a mini fashion guide and consultant and wear the in-thing in fashion as of today. This also traces back to the lovely tshirts and little dresses your mom bought when you were a little kid ,with all those action heroes imprinted on them and you strode on the streets proudly

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