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Most of us are caught up in a busy lifestyle with almost no time to take care of small activities around the house. One of the main activities among this is bill payments. The mere categories of bill payments itself makes it impossible to keep track of everything, not to mention the due date reminders, which can lead to late payment or disconnection charges. The main disadvantage till now is that, one doesn’t have the luxury of visiting the respective offices to pay the bills which may be located at different corners. Even if it involves recharging through the internet, that again is a complex process by itself, as we have to create and maintain user accounts for each service along with their passwords and then make the bill payments separately through credit card, debit card or net banking

Thankfully to much relief, popular cell phone network provider, Airtel has come up with a delightful app, called “My Airtel” which is a one stop shop for all your bill paying requirements

So if I were to list the top features which really helps me and suits my lifestyle, it would be the following

On the Go approach, where I can make payments irrespective of where I am, recharging directly from the mobile. Being constantly in travel, it helps me to track my bills in one place and make the payment with such ease and this includes my prepaid Mobile wallet, Airtel Money

Secured Payments and Faster Checkouts: Privacy and Security is a huge concern for me while making online payments and purchases. The MyAirtelapp offers a big layer of security to secure my card payments and hence I can heave a sigh of relief over my security concerns of my banking account details

Offers: Being a loyal customer to the network , I’d really appreciate if I’m rewarded with some nice offers. This comes true in the MyAirtel App where users are assured of a special prize while doing their recharges. Each recharge payment allows you to get a prize that may vary from

·        Full Talktime offer
·        Free Mobile Internet
·        Cashback offer

Payments for multiple services : Extensively using multiple services like DTH (Like Airtel DTH/Tatasky etc) , Internet Broadband and obviously mobile postpaid payment, Airtel App gives a simple way to pay them all directly through the app with one go. All your details are saved after the first time, and from the next time onwards it’s a simple breeze
Others : Not only does it make your bill payments easier, but it also helps you track your account usage of internet and mobile plan , track service requests if you have applied for any change, buy products, add family & friend’s nos and much more

No wonder this makes it a must have app in everyone’s phone !

Check out this video on how the Airtel App with its simplistic design can make your life easier

For more information on the app , do visit :

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