Ek Nayi League

The Indian cricket team has seen far too many great players in the last century, each being responsible in bringing immense glory and pride to the country. The list includes greats like Sachin Tendulkar, MS Dhoni, Sunil Gavaskar, Anil Kumble, Rahul Dravid , V.V.S.Laxman, Javagal Srinath etc. each excelling in their own specialization with the bat or the ball. But India has rarely seen very few all-rounders who have shined in all forms of the game. But one of those rare gems, one can never forget and primarily responsible in lifting the 1983 World Cup is Kapil Dev.
A cricketer who was worshipped, idolized and followed by several thousands of young sportsmen in his generation , across the country who dreamt of reaching the big stage,. His blinding 175 not out knock, the unplayable deliveries has left many bowlers and batsmen bewildered.

So it certainly is a joyous moment, when one sees this cricketing icon return back to the main screen, with a new exciting mystery league,this time off the field. With just a clue of “#EkNayiLeague” it certainly is a huge surprise to find out what this league is all about.

Off late we have seen several types of league in different games being sprung up, especially in India with a huge backing by sponsors, thereby attracting strong foreign talent. It started with the Indian cricket league, followed by the Indian Premier League, Indian Super League ( Footbcall ), Pro Kabbadi League, Indian Hockey League etc.

But to my suspicion, this is going to be a whole different ball game and nothing similar to any of the above cricketing leagues. The short teasers posted in Youtube explain Kapil Dev talking about various celebrities and how they will fail his #EkNayiLeague if they play to all their heart.
The obvious clues inferred from the video include
  • A game involving jackpots huge amounts of money
  • It’s a game for all sportsmen and celebrities including cricketers (both retired and current players), including tennis start Sania Mirza, popular comedian Kapil Sharma and the cricketer, Yuvraj Singh
  • Format of the game will be probably one among the below list:

    • The game may involve cricketing activities (probably like a Gully cricket) inside the Nets like the Box Cricket League.  It could probably mixed with ordinary people and cricketers
    • It could be a reality game show , where the participants have to do challenging activities to get the task done and win the jackpot
    • Given the fact that its not a game of hearts ,but rather a game of brains , this should involve technical and general knowledge questions being posed at the contestants.
    • As Kapil Dev describes proudly that Yuvraj Singh has got 16 crores and other cricketers are being auctioned at huge amounts , it is very likely that this game show will also be equally compensating the players and also be quite demanding in the efforts required to be put in
So we are all set to watch this exciting game show , irrespective of the format. Coming from the Kapil Dev, undoubtedly it should be very exciting to watch

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