Crashing the Pepsi IPL – A Finale

The 2015 edition of the Pepsi Indian Premier League has now entered the final phase. The league stages couldn’t get any more exciting than this, with records being shattered with many teams posting totals of 200+ and bowlers trying even harder to restrict teams to even less than 100. The competitive spirit and the quality of the batsman has improved by leaps and bounds ,with the audience witnessing some out of the world & impossible catches over the boundary line and some dare devil shot making as well
If on the field cricketing action excited you, Pepsi made it even more exciting off the field with the launch of the #CrashthePepsiIPL contest where people were asked to make innovative ads on the IPL which would be featured during the Pepsi IPL Matches. 
The winning selection however was left to the audience instead of a usual jury and it was time for the people to vote for their best ads
Given the choice of selection among the huge list of ads that was uploaded by the users, I would select the following ads as my most favourite and here are the reasons why :
Company Bole Toh Pepsi : 
The ad features a guy in his room trying to watch the IPL match and then realizes he wants a lot of things around , namely good furniture, good food , good company of friends or rather a romantic partner and last but not the least , Pepsi. He makes them appear with the click of his hand . But when the girl reaches for the Pepsi, he realizes that it is more important than his date and hence vanishes her off
Selective Hearing
The next ad that really caught my eye was on selective hearing. A shopkeeper seemed to find it hard to hear what the guy is asking for and seems to have a hearing problem. But when a little kid walks up to the store and asks for a Pepsi ,he immediately responds asking if he’d like to have a normal Pepsi or a Diet Pepsi , making it a real surprise for the other guy .
The ad is laced with good visuals and humour and really would be in the top of my considerations
The last ad I wanted to talk about ,revolves around the subject of national cricket and IPL Cricket. People who were against one another while playing for different nations is now united and forms different teams while it comes to Pepsi IPL where one supports the local franchise of their respective favourite players 
“I’m voting for the best ads in the #CrashThePepsiIPL activity in association with BlogAdda from 8th May to 14th May. Are you?”

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