Celebrating Life

I am baffled sometimes that despite happiness is all over us, we humans mostly fail to see it and wait for a miracle to happen to change their lives and become happier. We generally expect big things to happen before we go out and celebrate the moments, like a big wedding, a new car purchase or to say the least, a birthday. In most cases, we end up waiting forever, brooding about our monotonous lives that we never get time to celebrate nor such an occasion

Live is not about waiting for the big moments, but rather finding the small moments that we already encounter, cherish and enjoy and celebrate for them. For example, after a long day at work, coming home to find your pet dog running towards you, licking you all over, wagging its tail furiously and end up playing with you for quite a while, which itself is quite a wonderful moment. In another scenario, your favourite team could have won the match making you feel really good.

So what are the little things that are necessary for me to celebrate each and every moment:
A peaceful home : Yes, who doesn’t love to go back to a home filled with calm and peace .A place where you can go back at any given moment and makes you feel relaxed .A home that offers all the facilities that you need to be happy and of course with the right people around
Job : Almost everyone has a demanding job that makes them work for at least 9-10 hours a day literally tiring them out. But what they don’t come to realize is that, the same job is the one that’s primarily responsible for their wealthy and happy lives and gives them the purchasing power to get what they need.
Travel : The biggest joy I get is when I have to travel. The joy of going in a train/flight, discovering new 
places, tasting different cuisines and understanding new cultures and languages can be a cause for celebration as well. Whether it’s a road trip or travelling beyond to international destinations it’s an everlasting memory and one should experience this atleast twice a year, taking a break from the monotonous life
Blog : My biggest inspiration and reason for celebration is my blog. An outlet where I get to write all my creative articles on different topics and in process getting many wonderful prizes giving me a wonderful chance to celebrate
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