Pepsi IPL CrashtheIPL Ads

The biggest tournament of the year is here and its even bigger this time. The Pepsi IPL has arrived in style fresh out of the smashing World Cup in Australia. All the 8 teams have regrouped together to get into the T20 mode and have marked the Championship as their next target.
The excitement is over the roof as fans have lined up as early in the morning near the cricket stadiums to grab those tickets and not miss out one of the greatest and most glamorous cricketing spectacle of the year. The Fan base for many teams has crossed several millions as they fight it over in Twitter, Blogs and other social media sites furiously defending their team
On similar lines, Pepsi has started a new campaign that allows fans like us to show our excitement of the IPL and Pepsi by making short 30 second ads , calling it as #CrashthePepsiIPL
The submission gallery has now reached several hundreds as people have begun to create really quirky, innovative and funky ads on how they love Pepsi .After a tough review, I have narrowed it down to a few choices of ads which really impressed me, especially considering the fact that all these people are just amateurs and probably have never shot a video before 
So here’s my list of favourites :
Love : This is a nice romantic ad, where a guy probably on a date is trying to put his hand over the girls shoulder but doesn’t get the courage to do so. He tries many times but fails in his attempts . But after a refreshing shot of Pepsi, the girl herself places her hand over his waist ,rejoicing in love. A nice innovative ad where it’s taken very aesthetically with a slight dose of humour
PepsiBreak : Definitely one of my most favourite ads in the list, this is a fully graphic video of an animated character in fight with another, finally punching him down to fly towards the bottle of pepsi. This is really an outstanding work of graphics where the character is merely drawn as sketches and clipped as video for this 30 second of ad. I’d probably place all my bets on this amazing ad to win the award and hope it gets aired on TV as well 
The Game of Cricket : An intense game of cricket match where the batsmen hits it powerfully for a drive ,and the field chasing the ball finds the bottle of Pepsi  rolling ,and rather than fielding the ball, grabs the ball of Pepsi and runs away with it. A simple straight to the point ad, with a dose of fun and humour , this definitely ranks as one of my favourite and some good acting by the guys too
Check out the #CrashThePepsiIPL videos & participate in the activity at BlogAdda

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