Crashing the Pepsi IPL

The Pepsi IPL 2015 is here with eight teams battling it out with all their nerves to get the championship. Almost all the teams have revamped their side, learnt from their past failures and have a better understanding of their opponent’s strengths and weaknesses. They are charged up to make a difference and justify their presence in their respective tams
The month long tournament sure has fired up the crowd’s excitement as well, watching the big hitters smashing the deliveries to huge sixes and boundaries and enjoying in the revelry. The excitement is not only restricted to the on-field twenty over cricket match but also offline thanks to the new initiative and campaign by Pepsi called #CrashThePepsiIPL

This gallery : a massive list of user created videos / ads based on the Pepsi IPL theme. Each ad has a very unique concept and a theme that is very delightful to watch .Spoilt for choices it was a very difficult one to choose which was one my favourite ,as there was so much good creative content all arouind

But if I were to choose a few ads that really impressed me, here’s the list and why

The Pepsi Proposal :
One of my most favourites would be the following ad, where two guys are trying to propose to a girl with a rose, but the girl on the other hand is attracted to the cool guy walking across drinking a can of Pepsi. Realizing their window of opportunity here, the other two guys rush off to grab a pepsi can themselves . Watch out for the surprise ending though J

Divided by Culture, United by Pepsi:
A very interesting ad, this one talks about two couples from different parts of the country trying to outsmart each other by displaying different varieties of food they carried along and finally both take out a bottle of Pepsi at the same time . Different states but one country!

The Desire :
The last ad I would like to talk about is a like typical commercial . A group of young women try to learn Yoga and meditation but rather succumb to the desire of having a drink like Pepsi and they wake up to the sounds of the instructor drinking a can of Pepsi in secret. The ad was well made, professionally shot, stuck to the script and really deserves the ad

Hope some of these ads are selected and aired on live television during the tournament

Check out the #CrashThePepsiIPL videos & participate in the activity at BlogAdda

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