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Music is an art form that can represent different things to different people. For some it can be a hobby, where one gets to practice it during their free time. For some, it can be their passion, a career they chose voluntarily, trying to make a mark for them. Turning down the lucrative corporate job offer, some musicians try to pursue their musical inclinations and begin to launch themselves in the music industry. Some succeed spectacularly and become famous directors, while some still hunt for music gigs in small concerts or end up becoming a YouTube Artist, whom I refer to as Underground Artists
With lack of recognitions and monetary support, there have been plenty of excellent underground artists who have gone unfounded. Compared to other countries, India has a massive wealth of artists who have immense potential to create and contribute to the world of music. But sadly, with the exception of the big artists, the smaller artists don’t have a platform to launch themselves and remain invisible to the world. 
One such brilliant initiative to promote these upcoming artists is Their main objective is to create a platform especially for independent musicians, bands and singers who create non film private albums, reach out to them and assist them in promoting, distribute their music to a wider audience across the world. They have accumulated an immense collection of songs and music videos, in due process in almost every genre, language. 
Some of my favourite artists in the site includes :

The list goes on and each day the artist count just seems to increase
Artist Aloud contains 200 + Artists who want to create a name for them and make their music heard throughout. With this aim in mind, conduct the annual music awards for these artists, called Artist Aloud Music Awards (AAMA), where independent artists who are featured on Artist Aloud are felicitated for their creations in the field of Indian music.
The genre’s for these awards include :

  • Pop
  • Rock
  • Global
  • Fusion

The artists under these categories are selected by a very special extensive jury and the awards are given out based on a voting system and popularity. This is our best chance to promote upcoming artists, sharing their music and vote for them and do our part to promote this social cause :
So if you’re in the mood to discover some new rock music or indie pop, log on to start grooving to the songs

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