Zenfone 2 – Redefining Smartphones

Asus has already proven itself with their previous launch of Asus Zenfone 4/5/6 series and with no surprise, had become an overnight success. With the launch of Asus Zenfone 2, the stakes has just got a whole lot higher, with even tougher specs, longer lasting battery and a phone that can give the big players a run for their money. So if I were to catalog the top 5 reasons why I would choose the Asus Zenfone 2 and complete redefine my smartphone experience, it would be the following

Processor & RAM
Zenfone 5, when it was launched came with an impressive 2GB RAM and an Intel Duo Core processor, something quite rare among the phones that was launched then .It meant immense processing capabilities that one could do.Zenfone 2 however has literally doubled this capacity with a never before seen 4GB RAM, inside a 5.5’ inch phone. This is technically the world’s first smartphone to come with a 4G RAM and possessing a dual channel performance. Coupled with a 2.3GHz 64-bit Intel® Atom™ Z3580 Quad Core processor (this is nearly more than 7 times that of its predecessor) .My smartphone experience will never be the same again with this kind of hardware capabilities as it’ll offer me a very powerful gaming experience without any lags. This gives me an ideal chance to play Need for Speed, Asphalt 8 and Mortal Kombat in high graphics mode and also surf the net with a classic web browsing experience

Camera with Pixel Master Technology
Upgrading from 8MP camera in its predecessor to a 13MP af/2.0-aperture lens back camera & 5MP front Camera, the Zenfone 2 can be an ideal replacement for a digital camera. It can take high resolution photos in super HDR format, with large amount of detailing and most of all with zero shutter lag. The Low light mode in the camera is basically the tip of the iceberg, where photos are captured with nearly 400% brightness, even without the need of a flash. Your selfies just got a whole lot better too!

ZenUI Experience :
One of the most sought after features in any Asus Zenfone series is the supserior Zen User Interface experience. With careful attention to detailing, the ZenUI gives a very easy to use,more user friendly experience on top of the Android Lollipop OS. Some of the recently added components include ZenMotion, SnapView, TrendMicro Security etc

TurboCharging :
With the latest BoostMaster technology , Zenfone 2 charges upto 60% in a matter of just 39 minutes. This can be very useful when one is on the move and has less time to charge his phone which has drained out . The BoostMaster would be like an instant Adrenalin rush, powering the phone with a longer lasting battery
One more welcome move is the up gradation of the battery power from 2100 mAh(in its predecessor) to a 3000mAh battery that should easily make you last for an entire day

Dual Active Dual Sim
ASUS Zenfone 2 comes with a Dual Sim phone that can be active simultaneously. Switching between calls with two different SIM cars can never be easier than this. Most Dual SIM phones till date ideally say, the phone is out of network coverage area for a Sim, when the other SIM is being used. But this is no longer the case when it comes to Asus Zenfone 2 , as you can switch between the numbers seamlessly

I #CantWait4Zenfone2

Do checkout the Zenfone 2 page for more information: http://www.asus.com/Phones/ZenFone_2_ZE551ML/

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