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The Honey Diet

The Honey Diet

Summer is slowly fading out and Winter is Coming. We have prepared ourselves for the toughest battle in our lives, be it our professional lives or personal lives. But we have never quite bothered to care about our health or be cautious about what we eat. Diet is a hated word amongst many people who gorge at the sight of food, without minding the hundreds of calories and fat it brings along with it
We train hard at the gym, run several miles in the road to burn those excess fat and calories. But almost all the time, immediately after a workout, we splurge on a huge buffet lunch or gobble up a bunch of sugar rich donuts, cakes and sweets that can make all the workout a complete waste of time. The next day morning we begin to ponder quite heavily on how to remove the excess layers of fat in the belly as the waist seems to grow exponentially day by day. Not only an irregular consumption of junk food adds fat to the body but it also affects your overall health, makes you feel weak and doesn’t give you any energy

This is why a diet is extremely important for everyone to regulate your overall fitness, protect you from diseases, increases your metabolism rate and gives you that extra bit of energy you always wanted. A crash diet is another extreme form of the diet, that acts like a weight loss program undertaken to get very rapid results.

Nutritional compomises of a Crash Diet :
  • Crash Diet , lets you literally starve and hence the amount of vitamins and minerals required for a minimum daily calorie intake is very low
  • Crash Diet would probably contain some pieces of salad , green tea and water. It wouldnt contain a sufficient protein , carbohydrates, mineral that one would need to be strong and healthy
  • Crash Diet makes you very weak , tired easily and no energy
  • Crash diet should be done strictly with the supervision of a trainer, else you may immediately get vitamin deficiencies.
It’s certainly not easy to transition from eating tons of food to almost outright starving yourself restricting your food diet to only salads, juices and fruits. Diet,if done right it can lead to excellent results, transforming you completely and leading you to a new path 
This can be achieved by only a balanced diet, which comprises of all minerals, proteins, vitamins and nutrients required by the body for a sustained healthy living. At the same time it also involves staying away from junk foods like chips, donuts, sweets, cakes, pizzas and aerated drinks
One such natural healthy food, at the same time extremely delicious, is Honey. Regarded as one of the top health food in the world, honey offers a huge set of benefits compared to any other health food
A teaspoon of honey a day can benefit you in the following ways:

  • Honey taken with warm is known to be a good agent in reducing weight or manage it correctly
  • Having lesser calories, it can be a great substitute for sugar owing to its very sweet taste
  • Honey aids in increasing resistance, fights off the cough & cold and also immensely aids in digestion
No wonder that a daily dose of a  teaspoon of Dabur Honey can act like a wonder drug aiding you to lead a healthy and strong life

Coming back to the diet, if you’re searching the net to find a right kind of balanced diet for your meal but didn’t seem to find any luck with it ( given that most websites offers only a diet suitable for the Western people or Europeans), here’s a simple solution 

Dabur Honey has launched a new concept called the Honey Diet, which offers a reliable and effective plan for your balanced diet based on your food preferences, BMI and daily intake  
After asking you to enter your age, weight,food preference and list the food items you consume on a everyday basis, it calculates using the calorie counter  and suggests a set of 7 Day ideal diet plans which you can follow easily 

The 3 click Diet Planner is the best thing I have seen in recent times and definitely a great source of information on food items, the no of calories they carry and I should admit I have been quite shocked by the calorie content in some of the foods I seem to consume on a daily basis
The customized Honey Diet Plan saves you thousands of rupees in expensive diet consultations as its free, simple and easy to use and frames a diet plan almost instantly which you can print and follow it daily The diet plan usually comes with a Do's and Dont's in a meal and encourages you to take the healthy route by start consuming the right foods, inclusive of honey

You can access the Dabur Honey Diet Planner and also some info on exercises, recipes etc at : 

Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Surf it fast with UC Browser

The land of a billion, India follows religiously only one main sport and that's none other cricket. Every street corner, playground or even a terrace, you'd find thousands and thousands of kids wielding a bat strongly aiming to be the next Sachin Tendulkar, Rahul Dravid or Yuvraj Singh. The passion and the craze for the game is nowhere as intense like this in any other country

Be it the World Cup , an ODI Tri series, the IPL or even a test match, people would always want to be updated about the most latest score .The desire for information on every wicket, every run scored and every boundary just gets higher every time

Yet it’s not always possible to go watch the match live, or be in front of the TV from morning to evening and one either have to watch the highlights later or seek an alternate source of information to be abreast of the scores, given our pressures at work or elsewhere

So given below are some of the things I might do when there is a live cricket match happening:
Family functions and get together : It’s so difficult when they organize family functions or get together on a crucial match day. It’s a double edged sword as you can’t afford to miss the function as well as miss the important match. So there are some sacrifices or adjustments one gets to do to have a balanced day. I would probably track the scores in my phone, listen to the commentary in my radio or sneak away now and then to the room with the TV and watch the match for a while. Hopefully that would ensure that I don’t get to miss out on my important family moments at the same time miss my match

As one is well too ware if you happened to have a date, its next to impossible to cancel it and at the same time you’d be wondering what happened to your match. So the best way out of this is to take her to a big romantic restaurant, after ensuring that the restaurant is live screening the match in a projector/TV. This way your date is happy and you get to enjoy both
Take an off to work: Calling in sick on a match day can be quite clich├ęd, but nevertheless there’s no better day to take an off from work, sit at home, relax and watch the match sipping a cup of coffee. For some people, instead of calling in sick, it’s even better as they might just work from home with a laptop and watch the match in parallel
Go to office but still track the match: Thanks to technology, you are abreast with information wherever you are in the world on a real time basis. So even when I am in office I can easily track all the cricket matches live and at the same time complete my pending work , thanks to my new browser UC Browser.
Though there are plenty of sites and apps that offer real time cricket match stats, the reason why UC Browser wins over them is because of the following reasons
  • UC Browser has an inbuilt feature called UC Cricket right next to the address bar. UC Cricket offers a space dedicated all cricket fans, connecting them to match scores wherever they are, as shown below.  Given below is a quick snapshot of all the live matches and their scores in a nice dropdown format
  • UC Browser is super-fast in connectivity, extremely easier to user with a seamless transition experience
  • The browser is available across all platforms like Desktop, Android etc
  • The browser offers a lot of extensions, a familiar interface and even some interesting features such as : 
    • Button to reopen a closed tab
    • Launch a virtual Wifi for your mobile phone from laptop
    • Cloud Tabs
    • Very organized Downloads tab, compared to any other browser

Download the UC Browser here and give it a try :

Do check out an interesting video on UC Browser below

My Fav Dance Videos

Who doesnt love music and dance? These are the two most important factors that probably keeps the passion and spirit alive in most people. Well ,its no different to me as dance and music forms a part of my soul and cant live without it.
Music and Dance doesnt have any regional or language barriers as it transcends all of them and unites people to one religion.
I have tried to list out my most favourite dance videos and also embedded the same from Youtube which you can watch

Taaz Ki Dhamaaka
One such video that recently caught my eye that was really interesting and dance worthy was the video featuring Allu Arjun and Anuhska for the Colgate Max Freshness theme. This seemed to be a novel concept for a music video featuring two prominent stars ( one an actor while the other is a singer/VJ) 

2. Chittyaan Kalaiyaan - Roy

This song seemed to be straight on top of the blockbusters in bollywood and features in almost all channels off late as the no 1 dance song . 
The song features Jacqueline Fernandez swaying to some cool moves in the street along with a bunch of random strangers

3. Beyonce - Put a Ring on it

This is one of Beyonce's most popular song and probably the biggest hit of her career . Song features some cool lyrics as well as a super hot dance video of Beyonce as the pulsating beats kicks in 

4. Shakira - Hips Dont Lie
I am sure there is noone in this world who isnt a fan of Shakira, a popular singer/belly dancer/rapper
Hips Dont Lie was probably one of those songs that shot her career to the top as she raked in millions for this super hit song. Dont miss out on this belly dance moves by Shakira

5.Black Eyed Peas - Pump IT

This is yet another dance video by the famous band , Black Eyed Peas . May not be their best which they have ever done, but definitely one of my favourites in my playlist

6. Kesha - Tik Tok

Tik Tok is a super cool dance number that's a definite song in almost every club across the world. It can really make even a dull guy jump into the dance floor and start shaking to the cool tunes . Kesha's voice gives the upper edge to this otherwise superb song

7. Student of the Year - The Disco Song

8. Race 2 - Party on my mind

9. Subah Hone Na De - Desi Boyz

10.Baby Doll - Raagini MMS2

That completes my most favourite playlist. Do share in your favourite tracks in the comments box

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