My Fav Dance Videos

Who doesnt love music and dance? These are the two most important factors that probably keeps the passion and spirit alive in most people. Well ,its no different to me as dance and music forms a part of my soul and cant live without it.
Music and Dance doesnt have any regional or language barriers as it transcends all of them and unites people to one religion.
I have tried to list out my most favourite dance videos and also embedded the same from Youtube which you can watch
Taaz Ki Dhamaaka
One such video that recently caught my eye that was really interesting and dance worthy was the video featuring Allu Arjun and Anuhska for the Colgate Max Freshness theme. This seemed to be a novel concept for a music video featuring two prominent stars ( one an actor while the other is a singer/VJ) 
2. Chittyaan Kalaiyaan – Roy
This song seemed to be straight on top of the blockbusters in bollywood and features in almost all channels off late as the no 1 dance song . 
The song features Jacqueline Fernandez swaying to some cool moves in the street along with a bunch of random strangers
3. Beyonce – Put a Ring on it
This is one of Beyonce’s most popular song and probably the biggest hit of her career . Song features some cool lyrics as well as a super hot dance video of Beyonce as the pulsating beats kicks in 
4. Shakira – Hips Dont Lie
I am sure there is noone in this world who isnt a fan of Shakira, a popular singer/belly dancer/rapper
Hips Dont Lie was probably one of those songs that shot her career to the top as she raked in millions for this super hit song. Dont miss out on this belly dance moves by Shakira
5.Black Eyed Peas – Pump IT
This is yet another dance video by the famous band , Black Eyed Peas . May not be their best which they have ever done, but definitely one of my favourites in my playlist
6. Kesha – Tik Tok
Tik Tok is a super cool dance number that’s a definite song in almost every club across the world. It can really make even a dull guy jump into the dance floor and start shaking to the cool tunes . Kesha’s voice gives the upper edge to this otherwise superb song

7. Student of the Year – The Disco Song

8. Race 2 – Party on my mind
9. Subah Hone Na De – Desi Boyz
10.Baby Doll – Raagini MMS2

That completes my most favourite playlist. Do share in your favourite tracks in the comments box

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