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The land of a billion, India follows religiously only one main sport and that’s none other cricket. Every street corner, playground or even a terrace, you’d find thousands and thousands of kids wielding a bat strongly aiming to be the next Sachin Tendulkar, Rahul Dravid or Yuvraj Singh. The passion and the craze for the game is nowhere as intense like this in any other country
Be it the World Cup , an ODI Tri series, the IPL or even a test match, people would always want to be updated about the most latest score .The desire for information on every wicket, every run scored and every boundary just gets higher every time
Yet it’s not always possible to go watch the match live, or be in front of the TV from morning to evening and one either have to watch the highlights later or seek an alternate source of information to be abreast of the scores, given our pressures at work or elsewhere
So given below are some of the things I might do when there is a live cricket match happening:
Family functions and get together : It’s so difficult when they organize family functions or get together on a crucial match day. It’s a double edged sword as you can’t afford to miss the function as well as miss the important match. So there are some sacrifices or adjustments one gets to do to have a balanced day. I would probably track the scores in my phone, listen to the commentary in my radio or sneak away now and then to the room with the TV and watch the match for a while. Hopefully that would ensure that I don’t get to miss out on my important family moments at the same time miss my match
As one is well too ware if you happened to have a date, its next to impossible to cancel it and at the same time you’d be wondering what happened to your match. So the best way out of this is to take her to a big romantic restaurant, after ensuring that the restaurant is live screening the match in a projector/TV. This way your date is happy and you get to enjoy both
Take an off to work: Calling in sick on a match day can be quite clichéd, but nevertheless there’s no better day to take an off from work, sit at home, relax and watch the match sipping a cup of coffee. For some people, instead of calling in sick, it’s even better as they might just work from home with a laptop and watch the match in parallel
Go to office but still track the match: Thanks to technology, you are abreast with information wherever you are in the world on a real time basis. So even when I am in office I can easily track all the cricket matches live and at the same time complete my pending work , thanks to my new browser UC Browser.
Though there are plenty of sites and apps that offer real time cricket match stats, the reason why UC Browser wins over them is because of the following reasons
  • UC Browser has an inbuilt feature called UC Cricket right next to the address bar. UC Cricket offers a space dedicated all cricket fans, connecting them to match scores wherever they are, as shown below.  Given below is a quick snapshot of all the live matches and their scores in a nice dropdown format
  • UC Browser is super-fast in connectivity, extremely easier to user with a seamless transition experience
  • The browser is available across all platforms like Desktop, Android etc
  • The browser offers a lot of extensions, a familiar interface and even some interesting features such as : 
    • Button to reopen a closed tab
    • Launch a virtual Wifi for your mobile phone from laptop
    • Cloud Tabs
    • Very organized Downloads tab, compared to any other browser

Download the UC Browser here and give it a try :

Do check out an interesting video on UC Browser below

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