A guide to your Fitness Mantra

The internet is ablaze with millions of articles in guiding you to lead a healthy life and maintain a fit body. There has been plenty of advice from almost every other person you meet on the streets on taking care of oneself. Some of them are simple, easy and straightforward while some can be quite a pain and not viable for the long run .Some techniques work for a few people while it’s not applicable to most others.
Men and women have completely different lifestyles and metabolisms but when it comes to wellbeing and fitness it’s important to both and should be the top priority in one’s life. So for people who are still searching for clues, tips or easy ways to get on to a good lifestyle, here’s some good fitness steps that you can follow, based on my personal experience
Run: One of the simplest, yet most effective fitness method is running. The amount of calories burnt while you move every single muscle in your body as you run in the track can be a huge boost to your fitness, resistance levels and make you strong like never before. Not walking. Not jogging. Running.. That should be the key mantra in your life

Avoiding Junk foods: Easy to say and difficult to say, avoiding junk foods can be quite tricky. We are constantly surrounded by junk food .These are rich in calories, cholesterol, sugar and fat and basically everything that’s harmful to the body. Whether we go to a mall or a restaurant or a bakery the only thing we spot is junk food like chips, donuts, pizzas, cakes, cheese or deep fried item. Additional to this is the sugar rich aerated drinks to just add more fuel to the fire. So if you’d want to start a fitness regime, even before getting into fitness exercises etc., its mandatory that one should completely cut down on every type of junk food listed above including soft drinks
The right foods: Consuming the right kind of food is equally important compared to the foods that should not be consumed. Nuts like walnuts, almonds, raisins (if available) should be consumed on a daily basis or at least as often as possible. When someone offers you a slice of butter, ask them to replace it with butter fruit (Avocado). Drinking fresh juices between meals can be extremely good for the skin and body. Fresh juices like watermelon keep the body hydrated while citrus fruit juices like lemon, orange etc. can replenish the skin with Vitamin C and make it glow. One fresh juice a day should definitely keep all your health ailments away (Falling sick, fever or cold will no longer be an option to take off to office).

Working out in the Gym: This is applicable to both men and women. An hour of medium to intensive workout in the gym, be it lifting weights or doing crunches, it only multiples your calorie burning rate making you even fitter. Have you ever wondered how many of your gym going friends rarely call in sick to office? Its primarily because a good fitness workout increases the resistance to diseases and offers a completely different level of stamina

Fixing your daily routines: Next time you want to go to your second floor apartment, take the stairs instead of the life. Every time you have a craving to have some junk food, it most probably is because you are thirsty and hence just have a glass of warm water or a fresh juice. Have a minimum of six to eight hours of quality sleep. This is mandatory for the body to rejuvenate completely and give you the extra dosage of energy

Investing in a good fitness tracker and monitoring the no of steps you take every day (Target level should be from 8000-10000) is a good idea. One would be surprised that the average no of steps we walk is only 2500-3000, not even 50 % of the target no of steps we should walk. 
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