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Recently I was introduced to this wonderful initiative by P&G called and I should say I have been quite addicted to this interesting website. The site has loads of information on various topics like Food, Family, Fashion, Home, Health and Skin and each category runs into tens of pages , each having several unique and interesting articles that you usually don’t find it elsewhere
So when I was browsing one such time on Family and Home articles 
(, I stuck upon this rather interesting post on top Indian Summer vacation places in India
Heaven on Earth: 5 Indian Summer Vacation Destinations

The post lists the must visit places in India esp. when one considers a breakaway to a cool place during the summer season and some of the info listed in the article are as below
The top 5 destinations include :
  • Ladakh : Home to one of the greatest mountain ranges in the world, Ladakh is located in the extreme north of the country and has some panoramic views of the mountain cliffs and valleys. With an amazing weather, it also offers some scenic lands, lush landscapes and sky blue water in its lakes and rated one of the must visit destination in the country
  • Kerala : Known as the God’s own country down south ,Kerala has some rich traditions, pristine beaches , backwaters and dense forests too. A visit to Kerala should definitely include eating their favorite cuisine , a journey in the boathouses in their backwaters accompanied with a rejuvenating Ayurvedic massage and treatments
  • Goa : Despite being called the land of the sun , Goa is the most happening place in the entire country and definitely a must visit place at any time of the year. A combination of colonial wonders, architecture, beaches and majestic forts , Goa is home to several attractions and always offers something to everyone else. The state is home to a unique culture and lifestyle which attracts hordes of international visitors and an evening at the Goan beach with some fresh accompaniments in the shack is an experience one should not miss
  • Ooty : One of the other pristine mountain ranges in the state, Ooty is also popularly called as Queen of Hill stations. Ooty offers an unparalleled experience of the Nilgiri mountain range aka Blue Mountains in the form of a quaint train journey through the mountains. Along with it comes the spectacular waterfalls, lush tea gardens and a forest cover .

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