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After scouring through thousands of articles in the net for best skincare techniques, I happened to chance upon the site. Rewardme is a website managed by Procter & Gamble and seemed to be an online forum that hosted a lot of articles in several categories from skincare, healthcare, Food, Fashion, Beauty and Home

The site not just had run of the mill articles, but also had loads of information on various products, ideas and inspiration that helps us to create a rewarding moment almost every single day

I naturally headed to their skincare page to find out some interesting tips and information about having a healthy and nourishing skin :

Amongst that, one of the main articles that struck me was the one on maintaining a perfectly oil free skin (

Having gone through this problem one too many times without success, I really found the information to be quite useful and easy to implement. It suggested nine easy steps that helped a long way in resolving the problem of oily skin and keeping it oil free esp. during the summer

Listing below some of the tips from that site which I particularly found it very useful

  • Investing in a good sunscreen lotion is a must. A water based mattefying sunscreen is a good choice for oily skin as it protects your face from harmful UV radiations as well controlling the oil from seeping out. In particular select a cream with SPF30++ for the best sunscreen effect
  • Hydration : Drinking lots of water and fresh juices keeps the body hydrated at all times both internally and externally. Additionally if the sunscreen and moisturizer contains oil reducing salicylic acid or glycolic acid it complements to the hydration even better
  • Avoiding the sun : As obvious as it sounds, avoiding the sun during the peak morning hours ( esp from 10AM to 3PM) can be a good relief. The sun’s ray can be extremely harmful to the skin as it increases the acne secretion as well as darkens the skin colour with its UV Rays
  • The Right Diet : Watching over what you eat is equally important in maintaining the perfect skin and avoiding an oily face. Vitamin A Rich vegetables like carrots, spinach can help slow oil production. Spicy foods, alcohol and fried/junk foods should strictly be avoided as they only add in compounding to the skin woes
  • A Gentle Face wash and applying the right moisturizers and very minimal makeup are some of the other factors that helps you in maintaining the perfect oil free skin

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