Nioxin Now – An Update

Its been almost a month since the last succesful Nioxin event in Chennai . 
Read my detailed blogpost on the event in the link below
Post the event, Nioxin provided the participants a set of Hair solutions, Hair thinning Kits, Intensive Damage Repair Solution based on the condition of the hair, which was pretested thoroughly under a scanner. It was mainly tested for the Density, Diameter and Derma of the hair, which forms the main qualities of a hair  
Post a regular usage of the hair solutions for a month or so, the results were really good and showed a remarkable difference in the hair. There was a visible difference in the strength and thickness of the hair than ever before.
As promised, Nioxin solution works to its best in delivering the desired results. For people who always had the dream of getting a thicker and fuller hair, this is your solution you’ve been waiting for. I may not be a hair expert here, but amongst my friends, from all the solutions, techniques and treatments they have tried, Nioxin seemed to be the only product that has delivered the complete results

Yet, you may not expect results overnight and see changes immediately. Like every other product, it takes time in setting in and working on the hair roots with periodical usage of the product along with its accompaniments that’s required in making the treatment work

Going by the reviews that others have posted, there were several instances where people were having very thin hair and now seemed to possess a thick curly type of hair, post their regular usage of Nioxin Hair Revitalizer and Scalp Treatment Solutions

A caution of advice: Get your hair tested before in a nearby salon, and determine which type of product in their range would be right for your hair and then go for the usage. I found one such link in the Nioxin page

which gives you an online consultation tool and based on the answers you provide to the questions, it gives you a recommended solution and treatment which you can use ,as not all products are suitable for all types of hair

You can try and experience #NioxinNowIndia at your nearest salon. This activity is in association with” in both the blogposts”
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