Saturday, November 29, 2014

Make your voices louder towards a Cleaner India

Make your voices louder towards a Cleaner India

One of the top 5 developing nations in the world, India has seen rapid economic growth especially in the last 2 decades with the influx of several international companies setting up base, FDI opening up and the boom in e-retail commerce
However what has never changed is the way, the country has remained stubborn and resistant to change and wake up, in matters that need desperate attention including cleanliness, corruption, flouting of rules, delays in justice system, violence against women and children and several other injustices. Despite an umpteen no of protests , dharnas, fast till death activism , there has been no drop in the evils that plagues this society
Be it rapes that’s so prevalent across the country (in most cases doesn’t even get reported ) or a corruption in key government offices to get the papers moving or something as basic as keeping your roads clean ,by not spitting on the streets or urinating on almost every other street corner or lamp posts  , the country has a long way to come in its fight to become an “Incredible India”. What’s sad to know is that despite the social evils, there has been actually no unity in coming together as one country to eradicate and cleanse the country , but rather the people has been shackled in the name of society, religion and castes and doesn’t really worry much about what’s happening to a fellow neighbour or rather a fellow countryman
Upon clearing my voice with a Strepsil , my main call for action  like #AbMontuBolega is to transform the country into a “clean green” country . We have ourselves witnessed in several foreign countries the importance they give towards cleanliness. A small littering in the streets can be fined upto several hundreds of dollars if not being arrested if found urinating on the streets. Compared to that, our country is vastly different, where such social evils are always turned a blind eye by the authorities. One can never forget the stench and littering of garbage dumps across all roads by garbage cleaning trucks , which are actually meant to clean up the streets. We strive to keep our homes clean by sweeping almost twice a day across every room, but instantly forget what it is to keep our city , state and country clean, the minute we step outside the house
With my blog as a social medium , I strongly call for action to all the corporation authorities and government officials in India, to rise up to the challenge, implement new laws to take strict action against people who dirty the streets, by littering or spitting or urinating on the streets or even merely throwing garbage bags outside the garbage bin and not inside
Only when the punishment becomes stronger, so will the mentality of people change, to remember the next time they are committing such a crime and prevent themselves from doing it
I’d urge my fellow bloggers, and other countrymen to exercise the power of our voices and work towards a Swach Bharat.
Find below a short info on the AbMontuBolega campaign by Strepsils (you can also check out them on Twitter )

AbMontuBolega is a wonderful initiative and campaign by Strepsils to raise an awareness among the society to strongly voice our opinions against many social evils and not be an silent spectator or a witness . It urges us to call for action towards authorities who has to hear our opinion and take severe action against the defaulters

Kyuki Bin Bole Ab Nahi Chalega #AbMontuBolega.  (Check out Montu's story about his voice of action against  harassment :

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Reliving child memories

The word childhood, brings back almost instant memories of innocence, fun, frolic and the aimless time spent with friends ,reading books , listening to rhymes and being fed with delicious food
We may have been exposed to several songs in different languages and probably been addicted to some of them for even a year sometimes. However one thing that always stuck to us was the nursery rhymes that was taught to us in kindergarten school. The tune, the rhyme and innocence of words always struck a chord and it gave a pleasure and peace that only the little kid within each of us could understand. As they say maturity is about understanding each other and the world and not merely defined by our actions or words or our likes for that matter
Some of the most famous rhymes include Twinkle twinkle litte star, Baba Black sheep , Humpty Dumpty , Johnny Johny Yes Papa and the most famous of it all London Bridge is Falling down. It was fascinating to understand how the world over, for centuries to come, these were the same songs that was taught over and over to almost all kids in kindgarden and was never replaced by anything else . Maybe it was easy to learn , or the composition in itself was too beautiful and elegant that it could stand the test of time and remain in our subjects untouched.
On similar lines, just like rhymes ,some popular stories too were taught forever which included Red Riding Hood, Snow white , Goldilocks and the Three Bears, the Three Little Pigs etc. Some of these stories are so fascinating and at the same time elementary ,which gave an immediate attraction to read more and more
In the above list, find below my 2 most favourity rhymes that I grew up and always have a special fondness for them

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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The Touch

Bring back the touch

It was a whirlwind friendship at first sight. They hit it off instantly. They had the same perception to everything. Same ideologies. Same tastes. They knew for sure even they had searched all along their life, they couldn’t have found a better person . It was so enchanting and beautiful. The friendship literally gave an enhancement to their otherwise dull career lives. They couldn’t wait to get their work done and meet each other and roam around the city aimlessly
Yet despite this , they still didn’t couldn’t figure out what the other person thought about this undefined relationship and hence always maintained a respectable distance with each other. A part of their personal lives was still kept to themselves. This whole thing was something different to them yet at the same time beautiful. Sometimes an undefined relationship is more exciting and charming than a fully grown mature one. It wasn’t restricted to understand each other or finish the sentences but more of respecting each other for what they were
Then slowly, with every other bonding, the fights began .Initially it was a petty thing and later grew into some hateful disagreements which morphed into fights. The words were harsh , looks even more stern. They avoided spending time with each other and couldn’t bear the sight of each other, each one unwilling to let go of the fights or to forgive the other person for their mistakes and behaviour.
Nearly a couple of years passed without much contact , with just the occasional Facebook messages which started with a “Hi, how are you” and ended with “I’m doing fine , thank you”
During this time, she began to introspect herself and see how she could change herself, both in personality wise as well as mentally. She happened to find a Parachute Advanced body lotion in the local cosmetics store and happened to try it on a regular basis. The visible skin transformation gave her an immense confidence. Going from Smooth to Soft to Nourished, her skin gave her an enhanced glow which started reflecting on her confidence and personality as well.
She felt , this was the best time and it was now or never. Without a moment’s hesitation ,she drove up to his office. She called him to come outside and join her for a drive. He was a bit reluctant but finally agreed. They went for a long drive and came to a lovely spot with a scenic background. Almost instantly the moment he met her, he could see the transformation in her. He noticed the now glowing beautiful skin. He ached to touch it. She realized what he felt, took his hand and kept it on her . The sparks flew and that moment when he touched her, both of them knew what they suspected all along. They were crazy and mad about each other and loved more than anyone else in the world.
They gave a smile. Sometimes you don’t need words to express what you have to convey.
The blissful moment successfully became a lifelong fun filled marriage

Make your relationship a blissful one by using the Parachute Advanced Body Lotion #BringBackTheTouch.

Here's a video on how you can make it work  :   #BringBackTheTouch video

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

A dream home with Porcelanosa and 24KLiving

A dream home with Porcelanosa and 24KLiving

With the rapid adoption of a modern lifestyle, homes no longer resemble the average household picture one sees in so many movies ,

Earlier the average home was adorned with an outdated calendar, broken rough tiles, dilapidated torn wallpapers, leaking taps , sofas with cotton coming out and a television that one cannot differentiate between blue and red colors

However times have changed rapidly especially in the last decade , where it wasn’t just communication devices that got the reboot but our entire lifestyle has undergone a paradigm shift. Gone were the days where one had to hunt for a plumber to install new taps in the house, or visit multiple hardware stores to select one among the three varieties of tiles he has .

With the onset of ecommerce, the whole process has become online, and with just a click , one can select everything under the roof at one shot. One such particular site that enables you to select everything you require for a household is

I have always believed in owning a dream one like the one they sell in, and in order to design the interiors I would be enlisting the help of Porcelanosa to furnish my dream house in the exact way I want. The products include :

Floor Tiles : The most important component of a house is the floor tile which makes you 70% of the complete look and feel of the house, the remaining 30% include the walls and furniture  . From Porcelanosa , I’d go to the to the  add to a very smooth and shiny look . (

After scouring hundreds of options from their tiles guide , I’d choose a “Marble” flooring for my living room and kitchen and my choice will Mármol Nilo Natural
For Bathroom,  I’d prefer the Recife Gris (Page 101 in the tiles guide)  which perfectly complements the look on the living room tile

Wall Tiles :
The wall façade is quite important in decorating the house as it adds to the reflective nature of the house. So my selection includes a plain wall tile with no designs and my option would be “Basic Winte “ in XLIGHT for the bedroom , a Nox Corten theme  in XLIGHT wall tiles for the kitchen and a more jazzy look with the theme “Nvy White Nature under the same XLIGHT wall tiles
Kitchens :
In the kitchen , under tap selections I’d go for a Monomando Stick Kitchen tap , that has a spout for greater practicality and flexibility, among other options 

Kitchen Furniture :  While selecting kitchen furnitures, I’d go in for a functional design and my choice would be “G590 Gris Claro Brillo / Roble Humo Vintage”which acts as a combo of basic functionality as well as elegant design

Bathrooms : The most important design while decorating a house should also be on the bathroom. Having a superb interiors in the living room and kitchen but a unclean bad bathroom can ruin the look. Hence I’d like to install a bath tub , a nice shower , a modern basis with a tap

In my selection for the bathtub, my obvious choice went to the Victorian Single which looks extremely royal .The shower set will be a Noken brand and a Modul Blanco basin

Similarly I’d go for other classic yet royal housing amenities  from Porcelanosa and design my dream home

The alarming health threat of India

We have progressed onto a century that has seen umpteen advances in the field of technology, medicine, transportation and communication. The decade is defined as nothing short of the digital era , a renaissance of innovations, inventions as this country of a billion people even touched the mars through its satellites, somewhere no machine or man has set foot

Based on these, one happens to assume this should be a prospering developing nation that has seen an upliftment of the way people live. Sadly such is not this case in this country, which still has several millions of people living on extreme poverty with no access to even basic survival amenities like shelter, water or even a toilet. We constantly see thousands of dwellers , sleeping in pavements with makeshift shelters, and obviously given no sanitation facilities , defecate in the open. Be it near schools or temples , no streets or even sometimes main roads are spared, to make it dirty and turn it into a public urinal.

Despite several government ads or initiatives  by NGO’s or CSR Activities by corporates to improve awareness and communication on the importance of cleanliness,  hygiene and subsequently its impact on health , there has been absolutely no progress on that front

As per common sayings, health is wealth and cleanliness is next to godliness. But its stuck to the saying alone and no one seems to really care

These kind of defecating directly in public utilities ,streets and walls leads to direct alarming health hazards including malaria, typhoid, dengue and several other skin diseases. The situation becomes even worse especially, when one goes to the rural areas of Gujarat, Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu

Not only do the poor people have no access to basic sanitation facilities but its quite shocking to see that even in some decent households don’t have an inbuilt toilet in their homes and every household member has to literally go out in the open areas .
Sadly this includes even woman who has no choice ,but to face this embarrassment on a day to day basis and are actually at a risk of contracting several health hazards
Unlike men, this situation can be extremely uncomfortable and according to me it’s actually a sin that any woman has to be treated to such standards and punishment. Its imperative that a war footing has to be taken over to improve sanitation standards in all areas and every woman has access to a secure , clean and hygiene sanitation facility
Despite the presence of corporation toilets in many areas , it looks like an insect fest with extremely nauseating and stench filled bathrooms, that no humans can set foot in.
On a good note, the government has indeed gone on a cleaning mode, with a new campaign called Swachh Baarath that translates to Cleaner India
But this cleaner India cannot be restricted to just clean roads but all things related to cleanliness and hygiene

I like to contribute my article here (#ToiletforBabli) as a contribution to Domex’s ( in actually making a huge effort in bring hygiene and sanitation facilities to all woman and rural villages

More on the Domex initiative :

Domex Toilet Academy was launched on 19th November 2013. It aims to become a sustainable and long-term solution to provide sanitation that benefits the local community and helps stimulate the local economy. The Toilet Academy makes toilets accessible and affordable, while promoting the benefits of clean toilets & good hygiene. Their effort has resulted in bringing the change in the villages of Maharashtra and Orissa and we aim to build 24000 toilets by 2015 in rural areas faced with the problem of open defecation.

You can bring about the change in the lives of millions of kids, thereby showing your support for the Domex Initiative. All you need to do is “click” on the “Contribute Tab” on and Domex will contribute Rs.5 on your behalf to eradicate open defecation, thereby helping kids like Babli live a dignified life.

Come , join the initiative to make ToiletforBabli a reality !

I have clicked on my part. Have you ?

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