The Touch

Bring back the touch
It was a whirlwind friendship at first sight. They hit it off instantly. They had the same perception to everything. Same ideologies. Same tastes. They knew for sure even they had searched all along their life, they couldn’t have found a better person . It was so enchanting and beautiful. The friendship literally gave an enhancement to their otherwise dull career lives. They couldn’t wait to get their work done and meet each other and roam around the city aimlessly
Yet despite this , they still didn’t couldn’t figure out what the other person thought about this undefined relationship and hence always maintained a respectable distance with each other. A part of their personal lives was still kept to themselves. This whole thing was something different to them yet at the same time beautiful. Sometimes an undefined relationship is more exciting and charming than a fully grown mature one. It wasn’t restricted to understand each other or finish the sentences but more of respecting each other for what they were
Then slowly, with every other bonding, the fights began .Initially it was a petty thing and later grew into some hateful disagreements which morphed into fights. The words were harsh , looks even more stern. They avoided spending time with each other and couldn’t bear the sight of each other, each one unwilling to let go of the fights or to forgive the other person for their mistakes and behaviour.
Nearly a couple of years passed without much contact , with just the occasional Facebook messages which started with a “Hi, how are you” and ended with “I’m doing fine , thank you”
During this time, she began to introspect herself and see how she could change herself, both in personality wise as well as mentally. She happened to find a Parachute Advanced body lotion in the local cosmetics store and happened to try it on a regular basis. The visible skin transformation gave her an immense confidence. Going from Smooth to Soft to Nourished, her skin gave her an enhanced glow which started reflecting on her confidence and personality as well.
She felt , this was the best time and it was now or never. Without a moment’s hesitation ,she drove up to his office. She called him to come outside and join her for a drive. He was a bit reluctant but finally agreed. They went for a long drive and came to a lovely spot with a scenic background. Almost instantly the moment he met her, he could see the transformation in her. He noticed the now glowing beautiful skin. He ached to touch it. She realized what he felt, took his hand and kept it on her . The sparks flew and that moment when he touched her, both of them knew what they suspected all along. They were crazy and mad about each other and loved more than anyone else in the world.
They gave a smile. Sometimes you don’t need words to express what you have to convey.
The blissful moment successfully became a lifelong fun filled marriage

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