Reliving child memories

The word childhood, brings back almost instant memories of innocence, fun, frolic and the aimless time spent with friends ,reading books , listening to rhymes and being fed with delicious food
We may have been exposed to several songs in different languages and probably been addicted to some of them for even a year sometimes. However one thing that always stuck to us was the nursery rhymes that was taught to us in kindergarten school. The tune, the rhyme and innocence of words always struck a chord and it gave a pleasure and peace that only the little kid within each of us could understand. As they say maturity is about understanding each other and the world and not merely defined by our actions or words or our likes for that matter
Some of the most famous rhymes include Twinkle twinkle litte star, Baba Black sheep , Humpty Dumpty , Johnny Johny Yes Papa and the most famous of it all London Bridge is Falling down. It was fascinating to understand how the world over, for centuries to come, these were the same songs that was taught over and over to almost all kids in kindgarden and was never replaced by anything else . Maybe it was easy to learn , or the composition in itself was too beautiful and elegant that it could stand the test of time and remain in our subjects untouched.
On similar lines, just like rhymes ,some popular stories too were taught forever which included Red Riding Hood, Snow white , Goldilocks and the Three Bears, the Three Little Pigs etc. Some of these stories are so fascinating and at the same time elementary ,which gave an immediate attraction to read more and more
In the above list, find below my 2 most favourity rhymes that I grew up and always have a special fondness for them

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