Make your voices louder towards a Cleaner India

One of the top 5 developing nations in the world, India has seen rapid economic growth especially in the last 2 decades with the influx of several international companies setting up base, FDI opening up and the boom in e-retail commerce
However what has never changed is the way, the country has remained stubborn and resistant to change and wake up, in matters that need desperate attention including cleanliness, corruption, flouting of rules, delays in justice system, violence against women and children and several other injustices. Despite an umpteen no of protests , dharnas, fast till death activism , there has been no drop in the evils that plagues this society
Be it rapes that’s so prevalent across the country (in most cases doesn’t even get reported ) or a corruption in key government offices to get the papers moving or something as basic as keeping your roads clean ,by not spitting on the streets or urinating on almost every other street corner or lamp posts  , the country has a long way to come in its fight to become an “Incredible India”. What’s sad to know is that despite the social evils, there has been actually no unity in coming together as one country to eradicate and cleanse the country , but rather the people has been shackled in the name of society, religion and castes and doesn’t really worry much about what’s happening to a fellow neighbour or rather a fellow countryman
Upon clearing my voice with a Strepsil , my main call for action  like #AbMontuBolega is to transform the country into a “clean green” country . We have ourselves witnessed in several foreign countries the importance they give towards cleanliness. A small littering in the streets can be fined upto several hundreds of dollars if not being arrested if found urinating on the streets. Compared to that, our country is vastly different, where such social evils are always turned a blind eye by the authorities. One can never forget the stench and littering of garbage dumps across all roads by garbage cleaning trucks , which are actually meant to clean up the streets. We strive to keep our homes clean by sweeping almost twice a day across every room, but instantly forget what it is to keep our city , state and country clean, the minute we step outside the house
With my blog as a social medium , I strongly call for action to all the corporation authorities and government officials in India, to rise up to the challenge, implement new laws to take strict action against people who dirty the streets, by littering or spitting or urinating on the streets or even merely throwing garbage bags outside the garbage bin and not inside
Only when the punishment becomes stronger, so will the mentality of people change, to remember the next time they are committing such a crime and prevent themselves from doing it
I’d urge my fellow bloggers, and other countrymen to exercise the power of our voices and work towards a Swach Bharat.
Find below a short info on the AbMontuBolega campaign by Strepsils (you can also check out them on Twitter )

AbMontuBolega is a wonderful initiative and campaign by Strepsils to raise an awareness among the society to strongly voice our opinions against many social evils and not be an silent spectator or a witness . It urges us to call for action towards authorities who has to hear our opinion and take severe action against the defaulters

Kyuki Bin Bole Ab Nahi Chalega #AbMontuBolega.  (Check out Montu’s story about his voice of action against  harassment :

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