Razor Sharp Indeed

All through my college life, I have cared almost about little for shaving. Sporting a big moustache, I could almost be spotted resembling a 80’s hero with a uncombed fluffy hair, a rough broken down beard and an even bigger moustache that even a policeman will be jealous of. First three years three went like a breeze, although no one rather pointed out to me the fact that beards and moustaches were uncool as opposed to what I thought and it was always a clean shaven look that demanded a look from the opposite sex
With the onset of the fourth year, people became more serious and focused on their careers deciding upon which company to attend the interview and to what colleges in the US they can apply to pursue masters. Little by little I began noticing the subtle changes in the way of dressing and personality grooming in my friends and I rather wondered why than focusing on myself to adopt a similar style
During the first round of campus placements, I was rather shocked or taken by surprise how much importance was given to personality grooming, especially a clean shaven face which hold higher value and esteem when the interviewer was evaluating you. During my second interview, I was actually given a gentle advice by the HR. Despite an impressive resume and scoring high scores in the aptitude tests, my personality was being pulled down by the unkempt beard and overbearing moustache which didn’t suit my face and was told to come off with a clean shaven face in the next round of interview and he was generous enough to advance me to the next round bearing the above conditions. Taking the advice pretty seriously, I immediately bought myself a pack of Gillette Mach 3 Razor and after what seemed like ages, shaved my face clean and smooth, undoubtedly one of the best decisions I had ever taken. The job was there for my taking and I aced the next rounds to secure the offer

And to this date, always ensured my face is clean shaven and smart thanks to Gillete

‘This post is a part of  #WillYouShave activity at BlogAdda in association with Gillette‘.

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