A dream home with Porcelanosa and 24KLiving

With the rapid adoption of a modern lifestyle, homes no longer resemble the average household picture one sees in so many movies ,
Earlier the average home was adorned with an outdated calendar, broken rough tiles, dilapidated torn wallpapers, leaking taps , sofas with cotton coming out and a television that one cannot differentiate between blue and red colors
However times have changed rapidly especially in the last decade , where it wasn’t just communication devices that got the reboot but our entire lifestyle has undergone a paradigm shift. Gone were the days where one had to hunt for a plumber to install new taps in the house, or visit multiple hardware stores to select one among the three varieties of tiles he has .
With the onset of ecommerce, the whole process has become online, and with just a click , one can select everything under the roof at one shot. One such particular site that enables you to select everything you require for a household is http://www.porcelanosa.com/gb/products.php
I have always believed in owning a dream one like the one they sell in http://www.24kliving.com/, and in order to design the interiors I would be enlisting the help of Porcelanosa to furnish my dream house in the exact way I want. The products include :
Floor Tiles : The most important component of a house is the floor tile which makes you 70% of the complete look and feel of the house, the remaining 30% include the walls and furniture  . From Porcelanosa , I’d go to the to the  add to a very smooth and shiny look . (http://www.porcelanosa.com/gb/floor-tiles.php)
After scouring hundreds of options from their tiles guide , I’d choose a “Marble” flooring for my living room and kitchen and my choice will Mármol Nilo Natural
For Bathroom,  I’d prefer the Recife Gris (Page 101 in the tiles guide)  which perfectly complements the look on the living room tile
Wall Tiles :
The wall façade is quite important in decorating the house as it adds to the reflective nature of the house. So my selection includes a plain wall tile with no designs and my option would be “Basic Winte “ in XLIGHT for the bedroom , a Nox Corten theme  in XLIGHT wall tiles for the kitchen and a more jazzy look with the theme “Nvy White Nature under the same XLIGHT wall tiles
Kitchens :
In the kitchen , under tap selections I’d go for a Monomando Stick Kitchen tap , that has a spout for greater practicality and flexibility, among other options 
Kitchen Furniture :  While selecting kitchen furnitures, I’d go in for a functional design and my choice would be “G590 Gris Claro Brillo / Roble Humo Vintage”which acts as a combo of basic functionality as well as elegant design

Bathrooms : The most important design while decorating a house should also be on the bathroom. Having a superb interiors in the living room and kitchen but a unclean bad bathroom can ruin the look. Hence I’d like to install a bath tub , a nice shower , a modern basis with a tap
In my selection for the bathtub, my obvious choice went to the Victorian Single which looks extremely royal .The shower set will be a Noken brand and a Modul Blanco basin
Similarly I’d go for other classic yet royal housing amenities  from Porcelanosa and design my dream home

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