Thursday, November 22, 2007

A Disastrous Strategy - England down in dumps

Steve Mclaren , the most infamous England coach is now confirmed to exit (and thus save the country's team) , as a result of a poor match against a weak team like Ecuador .
With the absence of Rooney & Owen , England was surely on the back foot ,with only Peter Crouch offering some glimmer of hope in the match.

David Beckham, the finest midfielder ,the world can ever see , was forced to sit in the bench for most part of the game ,by a horrible coach , and his magnificent crosses jus managed to save his team embarrassment , and losing gracefully.

England has after a gap of 10 -12 years has not managed to qualify for Euro 2007 finals
and its about time , they changed the coach ,make Beckham as captain again & rework their defending strategies .
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