Leicester City – A living proof that anyone can win !

If I were to ask you to name just 1 player in any one of the top 2 teams of the current English Premier League seasons, you couldn’t have guessed the players or even the teams for that matter

You dont need any Shiv Keras and other “so called” management gurus to define the path for success.
Just do a quick glance at the top 2 places in the EPL points table. It doesn’t feature Man Utd or Chelsea or Arsenal or Man City. It features two teams that are usually relegated and never even qualified to play in the top 20.

The 2 teams are Leicester City who have won the title and second place is Tottenhamspur. This incredible victory cannot be said in a few lines but deserves an entire movie and case study. This is the perfect example of a team that rose from 20th to 1st.

Remember this is not like the stupid IPL where you can buy players in auctions and win by a fluke and need only 10 matches for a semi final berth. This requires you to play 38 games without even one reputed player and needs you to defeat the world’s strongest teams including the ones mentioned above Their main striker James Vardy who was responsible for this victory was a player in the fifth division 3 years back. Not the main team or first or second. But the fifth division of Leicester!! This is a phenomenal victory that no statistics expert could have even remotely predicted. (One good thing about EPL is that most players are identified and groomed through city football clubs and finally enter their home team)

In fact Leicester is owned by a Thai Company and no where rich compared to any of the top spending clubs like United or Arsenal or Chelsea. They had funds barely to fund the players through tickets and some few sponsors. All the glory applies to Tottenhampsur as well, who were placed second with just a 7 point difference

The odds of Leicester winning by English bookmakers was 1-5000. Yes if you had paid 1 pound(100 Rs) at the beginning of the year, you could have made 5000 pounds today(Nearly 5 lakhs in India Rupees)

This is the kind of news you need to read to get you moving. Not some article of a paid media glorifying achievements of a state’s party or even the ruling party of the country for that matter when there was actually none.

So go for it. Stop at nothing. Sometimes all it takes is a ridiculous amount of belief in yourself and you can win the game of life

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