ECR goes Digital !

Imagine having a free wifi connection at a blazing speed of 50MBPS speed while cruising along the East Coast Road of Chennai . Sounds like a distant dream and far fletched? Well the dream is about to come true very shortly


Anix Technologies  a global management and product distribution company in collaboration with ECR has been awarded a contract to provide free Wi-Fi service to all commuters.  Private ISP Network WebPass is partnering with Anix as the main licensee for providing content and an MoU was signed on April 15th this year for the same. The company added that the service will be free for customers and it will generate revenue through advertising.

Anix CMD Animesh Chaudhary also added that this Internet facility would be launched in the second half of this year, with an investment of nearly 80 crore by Anix to set up the infrastructure.

Anix has also claimed that this Wi-Fi service will ensure a 50 Mbps (3 times 4G) minimum speed to passengers devices while the maximum speed could potentially go up to 1.6 Gbps. Anix, said it already runs Wi-Fi on some PSU of India and will use a solution deployed on superfast rail networks to deliver high speed broadband internet experience.Anix said it already has significant learning’s from the pilot project on many PSU and the above could be used to leverage for this project

ISP Provider Web Pass will be building the front-end customer interface as well as the content pipe. Users across ECR will be able to experience high speed broadband by logging onto the internet via a dedicated app. This app will also display the location, approach and destination hub on a real-time basis and help navigate between different lines.

This could really be a game changer as it contributes tremendously to the digitization and further contributes to infrastructure development of the city. Meanwhile do  out this as well:What is VPN on Ipad

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