Fighting AdBlockers

With so many ads appearing in several websites, people tend to use several Ad-blocking softwares and browser plugins to hide the same. This can result in various issues for publishers, bloggers and website owners. Ad companies pay only when users click on these ads. So when these ads are blocked while visiting a website, it can result in a big loss

As per various reports, bloggers are losing 23% of their ad revenue to adblockers. Everyday.  In return, bloggers or content websites are trying to block content for such visitors. 

But ideally, engaging such adblock-using visitors is the best solution to resolve the issue than block them unnecessarily . This was why AdLatch was created. Finally you have a product for bloggers, media companies and e-comm portals to fight ad blockers quite easily

All you have to do is put 2 lines of AdLatch code on your blog or website and start engaging with adblocker-using visitors in multiple ways to:
  1. Grow subscribers
  2. Generate leads
  3. Start accepting payments/donations from site visitors who are using adblockers
  4. Increase social sharing

Signup now for your free early-access to AdLatch dashboard and start growing your subscriber base quickly !

Do check out their recent blog post as well for more info: How Content Marketers Can Win the War on Ad Blockers

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