EdenRed’s Digital Transformation

For the better part of three years, Edenred had spent extensive time, effort and research in going digital with their product portfolio in India. With the world rapidly going digital, the need of the hour was to transform the org into a digital powerhouse that was ready to lead the way when it came to turning traditional solutions around in the new age.

Their flagship product, Ticket Restaurant®Meal Voucher was the first to go digital in mid-2014 as the Ticket Restaurant® Meal Card – an instant hit with large multinationals that were looking for a digital solution in the category. It was easy for corporate companies to hand one to each employee and they were able to utilize the amounts across food courts, restaurants with a  seamless cashless transaction

They also had a Ticket Compliments® Gift Card, which took on bank gift cards as a popular corporate gifting option. With extended research,they further enhanced their portfolio with other gift card variants such as Ticket Compliments® Max, Ticket Compliments® Jewel, Ticket Compliments® Elite and Ticket Compliments® Premium and saw good traction in the market in their respective spaces.

In addition to the above products, the Ticket Restaurant® Plus Meal Card is a closed loop campus card solution provided to corporate customers for efficient cafeteria management. It improves the relationship between employee and employer and enhances productivity by providing healthy meals on campus and the best part is , the whole transaction is a digital one

The multiple benefits of being paperless, one-time distribution, remote reloading, enhanced security and card-based ease of use for the end beneficiary were seen as definite pluses by the industry at large. The wide acceptance of the cards at thousands of affiliates in 3400+ towns and cities across the length and breadth of India including MasterCard outlets was undoubtedly an added bonus.

Watch video on the Ticket Restaurant® Meal Card:

Do check out the video on the Ticket Compliments® Gift Card

You can check out more info at edenred.co.in

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