My ChhoteKadam towards a happy life

The mysteries of life is one of the key things that keeps us going everyday.  A life that is completely unpredictable beyond any means that can be both a blessing and a bane in disguise.  One may argue that you dont much control over your life as things are so rapid and changes happen everyday.
But it’s not entirely true. You do possess a sizable control over your life, be it your career, work , relationships, wealth, family and more importantly health.
The primary motto to work very hard and earn wealth is primarily to lead a peaceful and happy life. So when you have a life that is constantly interrupted by health issues, diseases, infections, and other ailments, the joy of life is lost. You take more trips to the hospital than your work and probably stress about it than anything else. Every other work gets second priority when it comes to a health issue
But little do we realize that a huge portion of this can be preventable and a healthy life is indeed possible if we can make adjustments to our otherwise sedentary and lazy lifestyle. The pressure , work load factor has seen to be at alarmingly high levels in most companies, especially in the IT sector forcing many employees to neglect health and food and get tied up with work. It not only affects the work life balance but the stress and pressure can have a huge effect on their heart, mind and body. It pains me a lot when I see relatively young people suffering from High blood pressure, cholestrol and especially heart attacks. These ailments usually affected people of above 70 in earlier times, but right now its quite common to see even men at just 40 years having heart problems.
Having witnessed the consequences of these heart issues, I have decided on a conscious step to get my priorities straight and make small changes to my life that will steer me on the path of a healthy , happy life. As they say in Hindi, I may call these decisions as a “ChotaKadam” , that can later have a significant positive impact in my life. As a science lover, I strongly believe in the Butterfly effect which says that, a minor variation/event in life can lead to a signficantly different scenario several years later. So here are some of my Chota Kadams that I am following and strongly encourage my beloved readers to follow as well
1.Eat Right :

The first and foremost way in having a healthy life is to eat right. Avoiding junk food, oily and fatty foods is the key thing in protecting your heart. For foods that need oil, the right brand is also key in ensuring it doesn’t have any side effects

2. Balanced Diet :

The above one talked about avoiding unhealthy foods. The next step is to consume a balanced diet that also involves a lot of salads and fresh juices which can boost immunity, antioxidants and of course protects the heart . Greens are the only colour that you should focus when it comes to food.
3. Running :

I have written countless articles on running. No other form of exercise has equivalent health benefits like running. Every muscle and part of your body is utilized at its maximum, you burn away all the fat and calories and gets your heart pumping . The metabolism, stamina, energy and even weight loss aided by running are some of the amazing effects that one can benefit from.

4. Exercise :

There’s nothing refreshing in the morning than going for a round of fitness exercise. Joining a gym or a fitness club or even the recently popular Zumba/Aerobics should probably be made mandatory if you are serious about your life. An hour of treadmills, some weight lifting and some ab crunches can be an absolute delightful way to kickstart your day. As you increase your protein count, and sweat it out in the gym ,you can watch all your stress and pressure whiff away into thin air . Being someone who hasn’t missed a day of gymming for past 5-6 years, I can strongly advocate to its innumerable benefits

5. Avoiding Alcohol and Tobacco :

Though government has stressed extensively on the harmful effects of alcohol and tobacco, the consumption level never seemed to have reduced . In fact every doctor has repeatdly claimed that the only major reason for heart attacks and other ailments is because of consumption of alcohol and tobacco

6. Avoiding Stressful behaviors : 

Life throws up problems all the time. Some may be easy and some may be too tough to solve immediately. Despite that, if you can take it up as a challenge and work towards solving it, instead of worrying too much and stress on it , it will have a lesser load on your heart. This applies to office issues too and you should take everything strictly as business and nothing as personal
7.Vacations : 

Most of the times we are caught up extensively in office work, project deadlines, team meetings etc. This leads to almost no time for family and of course added stress. A nice vacation for a week or atleast 3-4 days can make the mind relaxed, peaceful and the fresh air and scenery can be a good environment for your body
I am joining the Saffolalife #ChhoteKadam initiative in association with BlogAdda and follow these small steps for a healthy heart.

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