Yaaron Ki Baraat

When we look back at our childhood memories and probably most parts of college life, the only thing that you instantly remember is the wonderful friendships you’ve cultivated all along. Not even the memories of dreaded exams, tough project deadlines or the strict teachers can be as vivid as the simple day to day fun activities you did with your friends.

They were probably one of the sole reasons why I have survived the tough school/college days, make it out of it in one piece and probably very successful too. The motivation , encouragement, advice and more importantly critical life hacks shared by friends have played a significant role many a times. Be it tips for a job interview, group studies during a exam or advice on relationships, friendship was the only thing that took me in the right path, all the way along

I too had my share of great friendships during college days that has survived even now. For a lot of people , they have just one close friend who would have made a significant impact . In my case its a group of 3-4 people who are part of my “close friends” group. It’s unfair if I just happen to mention just one of the several friends and leave out the rest. These guys include PK, Kums, LK, Ameen, Prabhu and Sundar . Though a few have moved to the US, we still make it a point to meet every then and now and of course the never ending Whatsapp groups , that always keeps the conversation alive
All the people in the group have always stood by each other in terms of success and difficulty .
There was one time when one of the guys,Kums came completely unprepared for an exam, after thinking it was a different exam. Upon realizing his shock ,we quickly explained him some points and made him remember just the topic names in the index page. With just this information, he was successfully able to guess a lot of answers in the multiple choice ones. In theory questions, he managed to write the topic names in different sentences and his stroke of luck , managed to get the exact 36 marks required to pass the exam. This was one of the biggest achievements in his life till date and forever owes us for this incident. More than attendance, we have managed to bunk more classes , sneak off into the ground and played cricket or even went to a nearby theater to watch the latest movies. Every moment spent with these friends was a joyous one and it’s always hilarious when I think about it

Each person in my close friend group has a unique characteristic that defines him. One guy loves weird science fantasies, while the other has his interest on Ilayaraja music. Another guy loves his maths and numbers, while the other person always loves to do hacking and gaming. Despite having varied interests we always managed to gel together perfectly and had a gala of time whenever we were together. It’s almost impossible to find such people elsewhere and I certainly feel lucky to have these people as close friends for life

On those very same lines and a wonderful way to reminisce all those wonderful moments with your friend, Zee TV has come up with a great show called Yaaron ki Baarat. Taking the viewers on a fun filled journey, this unique show goes on to test celebrity friendships through a series of fun filled tasks and challenges. This fun filled chat show will bring about some of the wonderful stories of friendships among celebrities , that was largely unknown by many a people. One would get to hear all those funny moments, touching incidents and some inspirational life changing events that defined the very basis of friendship. This will also bring about the other side of your favourite, where he opens up frankly along with his best friend. 
Hosted by Sajid Khanand Riteish Deshmukh, the first episode will feature the famous Amitabh Bhacchan and Shatrughan Sinha .  The two most famous people in Bollywood will be seen reliving their fun filled moments as they take a path down history. You definitely do not want to miss this one

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