A wonderful collection of Top WhatsApp Status Messages

Being quite active in WhatsApp, I have always been in search of a good status message. A message, that’ll define me, be quirky, innovative and most of all funny. A good status message should make people wonder what it’s about, or probably make them laugh and bring out your humorous side. However, the default options in WhatsApp are pretty boring and these include:
  • Available
  • At the movies
  • Busy
  • At school
  • Battery about to Die
  • Can’t talk, WhatsApp only
  • In a meeting 
I’m not sure who came up with such lame WhatsApp status messages, but if you want to be Captain Cool, you definitely don’t want to put one of those messages on your phone.  On the other hand, not everyone can be really creative to come up with some amazing WhatsApp messages every time.

So my search for the ultimate WhatsApp status message collection finally came to an end. Yes, such a thing exists! It’s called  whatsstatus.com.

This site has more than 60 categories of WhatsApp statuses, such as Funny, Romantic, Love, Attitude, Spiritual or even some clever status messages. These are updated on a daily basis and these are user contributed unique and fresh content, which you may not find elsewhere. Working on a crowd sourcing model, Whatsstatus.com has several hundred writers constantly contributing to the growing community and adding quality content to the site. As far as I know , this is probably the only site that actually pays you to write funny one-liners as WhatsApp status messages.

Some of my recently bookmarked WhatsApp status messages under the 
Creative , Funny and Inspirational Category include:
  • Behind every small leap of faith in the dark, is a cascade of light and success awaiting us.
  • Checking my last seen? Wow! I am doing the same for U!
  • The horse is a perfect example for running in the race towards his own beauty of grace.
  • Your call is important; please wait till you land up in ‘Voicemail’.
  •  I am not afraid of my extra pounds; I am safeguarding myself against kidnapping.

So start checking out the Latest Whatsapp Status messages and probably even contribute a few if you have some interesting status messages up your sleeves.

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