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The e- retailing space has exploded in breakneck speeds in India in the last 3-4 years. Some of the top brands include Flipkart, Snapdeal , Amazon, E-Bay, Jabong and Myntra. The latest entrants to the space are wallet providers like Paytm , MobiKwik who wants to capture the e-shopping space with an integrated system of wallet payments as well

With so many options to choose in almost any category, the competition is fierce among these retailers and they have launched offers and discounts on a massive scale . Some of them might go off in just minutes if you aren’t really aware of the same. The venture capitalist funds are primarily to capture new customers through attractive deals and offers

But this poses another dilemna. You dont know which site is offering what kind of discount nor do you get any cashbacks for any of your purchases. This is the place where a site like comes in  . is a deal and a cashback site that literally rewards the customer everytime he shops online in the form of small cashbacks. The cashback % may vary from 0.5% to even 10% of your total bill amount with no upper amount in some cases.

Whether you gonna shop in Flipkart or Amazon or Ebay or any of the 1000’s of sites , all you gotta do is create an account in Cashkaro which gives you a 50rs cashback instantly for free. Post  verification, select the offer you need or just visit the desired retailer from the link provided and get your purchases. Thats it. Cashkaro will track your purchases for you and rewards you with the corresponding cashback amount back in your account. This cashback amount can be redeemed in the form of cash or Flipkart vouchers, whichever you’d like

The experience of shopping through cashkaro is a breeze. Almost all the deals available in all e-retail stores are available in a single click. You just have to filter what you require, be it clothing or travel or accesories or even hotel rooms and click on the offer link provided in Once this is done, it’ll divert you to the site , and you can begin to add the item to your cart and complete the payment

A few days later, you’d find your cashkaro account updated with an amount in proportion to what you shopped earlier . In several cases, I was never aware that there are so many coupons available to get a deep discount in many of the purchases I had made

For example, I was planning to purchase a mobile cover through Ebay. When I logged into Cashkaro and selected Ebay ,it quickly informed me of a coupon code that could get me a whopping 8% discount if I make my payment through PayTm. That was a huge discount %  which I was lucky to get. Interestingly this was in addition to the cashback that Cashkaro would give me for shopping in Ebay through Cashkaro (So basically a Double Cashback !!). Aint that cool?

So what are you waiting for : Just click on the below link, sign up for your cashkaro account, and start shopping through Cashkaro and get rewarded

Do signup here and get 50rs as Cashback amount in your Cashkaro Account :

Do check out their Twitter and Facebook pages as well for more info and upcoming deal info.

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