A Fantastico Drive across ECR

Ask any car owner and his preference would always be to go for a long drive in a highway, crusing along at 100+ km/hr . There’s a certain thrill, pleasure and relaxation in a long drive that you cant get in other short ones.

So anyone who’s living in Chennai may probably rate a long drive in the East Coast Road as his top priority. This scenic beach road starts from Chennai and extends upto Pondycherry for nearly 160 kms. A road filled with interesting scenery, restaurants, resorts, movie complex , amusement park, temples and even outdoor activity clubs, ECR has something in store for everyone

So almost every tour itinerary would include a fantastico ride on this road coupled with almost two to three activities. Having been there for more than hundred times, here’s a mini tour guide for your ideal trip to the east coast road. You dont even need to go to Pondycherry to do this fantastico drive

Start your drive from Thiruvanmiyur and slowly enter the busy junction of the east coast road. Keep going straight until you go past Prarathana Drive In Theater. This is one of the very few theatres in India where you can get to watch the movie sitting inside your car. Shows usually are at 7 and 10pm. So time your drive accordingly

  • Theme Parks ( VGP Universal Kingdom & MGM Dizee World)

Next on the list would be the VGP universal kingdom , one of the oldest and largest amusement parks in the state. This massive amusement theme park has several rides both for adults and kids and even have a mini waterworld inside it. Or you can also head to MGM Dizee World for some thrilling rides.

  • Mayajaal

If you’re not in the mood for a theme park , skip it and keep driving straight until you reach Mayajaal on your right. This unique mall has a bowling alley, shopping centre and a 15 screen multiplex where you can catch up with all your favourite movies.

  • Crocodile Park

After a mini lunch and a movie there , drive over to the next point in your tour which will be the Crocodile Park. This beautiful crocodile and snake park has over 5000 crocodiles in it and you can get to witness even the feeding rituals if you happen to be lucky. A one of a kind place in India, this is really a great place to visit and hardly takes couple of hours.

  • Dakshin Chitra

After finishing that head further straight towards DakshinChitra. This thematic place is built on the concept on the different states of South India. The area is divided in multiple zones and you can get to observe the cultures and traditions followed by the different states down south

  • Wild Tribe Ranch

If you’re in the mood for adventure you can also give a try at Adrenaline Sports, PaintBall, All Terrain Bike etc at Wild Tribe Ranch Chennai,  Surfing or even GoKarting. Else the best and the cheapest way is to take a left towards a beach and enjoy the beautiful waters as the waves splashes across you

  • Dinner in ECR

Have your Dinner on the way at Maplai restaurant and relish your fantastico tour of the east coast road. Some of the other popular options include : Gossip Bistro, Kiplings Cafe, ECR Dhaba

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