A Peppy Love Story

Mani Rathnam , a common name across every household is one of India’s most favourite admired and respected director , the country has ever produced. His movies have won several national awards and even rare reviews for his brilliant film making. Notable movies of his include Roja, Bombay, Kannathil Muthamittal, Alaipayuthey , Thalapathi etc

However when his recent movies like Guru , Raavan and Kadal didnt do well at the box office he shifted gears to produce yet another love story movie like his previous venture, Alaipayuthey. This time it was titled Oh Kadhal Kanmani (OK Kanmani in short). Right from the title it was peppiness all along. This was a very familiar zone for the ace director and he wanted to basically prove to his critics that his successful days of film making is not over.

OK Kanmani was a classic love story that even romance novelists would have died to write about. A fresh tall , energetic hero and a bubbly  girl with curly hair is the perfect combo for a love story and Mani Rathnam got it just right . As with every other movie of his, every frame of the movie screamed of the ManiRatnam signature

The A.R.Rahman and Mani Rathnam combo was simply magical in this movie and almost every sonwarranted repeated listening . A hero whose profession is game designing and heroine as an architect hits it off the first time itself and decides to move in together after a while.
A bold subject very tactfully handled by the director, he has beautifully portayed the pros and cons of a live-in relationship almost to perfection. A subject not yet approached by the Tamil industry, this was the first among its kinds to openly talk about relationships and the hippy culture prevalent in most parts of the country. Maybe a small portion of the audience who hasnt been used to this concept would have found the movie to be objectionable, but the movie was aesthetically shot and thankfully no complaints from anyone

Sometimes all you need is a dose of peppiness, love, humor and some drama. Mani Rathnam somehow knew this and made a mixed bag movie with an equal proportionality of all elements.

Set in Mumbai, this movie features Dulquer Salman, Nitya Menon , Prakash Raj among others. Love stories usually get to be dragged down by elements like a villain, needless boring songs and some sorrowful drama that can make the audience squirm in their seats. Thankfully OK Kanmani spares us of all those negative elements and just made a film that stays true to the heart

There are very few movies these days that’s actually possible for a second time viewing. OK Kanmani definitely falls in this range and you may not get bored even if you are seeing it for the second or third time. I just wish ManiRatnam realizes that this is his forte and makes many more peppy movies like this

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