Impact of Westernization

We’ve all been bitten by the “Modernization”  bug which was basically an influence of the lifestyle and activites followed in the Western Hemisphere. New styles, fashion , culinary habits are few of the things that’s been constantly adapted from our counterparts
Be it having pizzas and burgers for dinner or wearing fashionable clothes or even partying hard every weekend, it can be clearly seen as a imitation from the US/UK Lifestyle. Some argue that this impact may be bad and it affects our inbred culture. We are being spoilt and badly influenced by them and forgetting our traditional roots. We no longer follow our customs and traditions and rather do what’s fashionable. Morality may be a key factor that takes a huge dive as we no longer are confined under the rituals of age old customs . Marriage, relationships are getting shorter and doesnt have the Happily forever ending . What used to be joint families is now split into multiple nuclear families. People focus on earning more money and getting promoted to higher positions in career than taking care of family or settling down for a peaceful happy life
The other school of thought however argues otherwise. Western civilization has made our lives much simpler. Technology is the key reason behind this. Several US companies setting up shop in India such as Uber, Amazon etc has only managed to improve our lifestyle by several folds. You no longer need to haggle over a fare with an autorickshaw nor wait in queues in a local retail store. All you gotta do is to fire up your Uber app, and a sedan comes right to your doorstep and takes you to your office probably for less than 100Rs which earlier took 170+
Amazon has become completely local and even started delivery daily groceries, cosmetics and electronics in almost over a day and made it easier for shopping as well as lighter on the wallet
The launch of these companies has fueled more startups in this sector and thereby generating millions of jobs. The E-commerce sector is now hiring in several thousands as there’s a huge demand for budding youngsters
Everything is available online and you can just buy things, pay bills in just a click. Technology sector, IT Software sector and even some hardware sectors have setup shops thereby giving world class technology and quality products to the local citizens at unbeatable prices. Even food industry is not spared as everything comes delivered hot to your doorstep in just an hour. All you have to do is scan menus of different restaurants, choose your favourite food and it gets delivered by their own delivery person.

So overall westernization and modernization has only impacted on a upgrade of our lifestyle than otherwise. 

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