Understanding a Woman

I have tried to cover various issues in my blog but none of them has been
as complex or as mysterious like this…
Experiments ,research projects have been made over the past ,but none of them has yielded
a definite answer.
The conclusion was inevitable
It’s simply impossible to find out what’s in a woman’s heart

So a girl asks me,why is that u never seem to understand me or rather any other girl……
and i always remain dumbfounded

Some of my female friends,when i ask them how to impress a woman ,they usually reply
1.Be gentle and kind to her
2.Be humourous
3.Compliment on her beauty(jus pure poetical lies)
4.Buy her flowers,chocolates,surprise gifts….
5.and finally be yourself(as if we were acting like Tom Cruise)

Now I wonder why is that a woman expects so much from a guy(surprisingly they never mentioned the physical looks part..phew…)

The same thing when i asked some “successful” committed guys they reply like
1)if u really want her to love u , jus ignore her for some time completely…..

Shes gonna come after u like crazy,when she begins to miss you
I couldnt believe it was so simple,yet so difficult…..

Coming back to understanding her heart, i am always desperate to know
what is really going in her mind when
1)She gives you the cold stare
2)Shes smiling (Does she really love me or is it that she jus curses me in her breath)
3)She gives the cute,loving look,with a gleam in her eyes,but still manages to snubb off the guy
4)She often says you’re really sweet

Cant a women ever blurt off what she really thinks about a person…..
wont it be easy for everyone then……???

After deploring all these questions,the real truth hits us like a big tornado
All the wonderful girls(having both inner and external beauty) always fall a prey to the wrong person .They never seem to understand that they can be much happier to the one who loves her than whom she loves…..

13 thoughts on “Understanding a Woman

  1. So Karthik, have you REALLY found the secret to understanding a woman then? 😀 The first and second replies from your female friends sound cool though perhaps reserve three and four until you really know someone sounds more sincere. As for number 5, well just don’t be too influenced by movies is all I can say. 😉

    PS: I am 35 and happily married for 12 years now. 😀

  2. hmmm…looks like u r too theoretical bout falling love wit a gal..
    one advice from me..don go bout impress ne gal…jus be yourself n who ever is made for u will surely come to u..don’t see the physical appearance…see the quality in them
    thats more important for long n healthy relations..
    before marriage she might look awesome..but after that she’ll bloat…
    so her mind n character is imp..
    ps:i hvn’t found ne gal till now…;-)

  3. Cant a women ever blurt off what she really thinks about a person…..
    wont it be easy for everyone then……???

    Is there anyone be it man or woman who blurts out what they think about a person…. noone does that ya… and a woman might still do that but a guy noway!!!!!

    And as far as using poetic lines to compliment her … NO NO NO its a turn off….

    P.S:I like the effort put into in understanding us:)

  4. 🙂 errr firstly my name is spelt as kritika not krithika.. i think almost all south indians spell it wrong:)

    U know u gv me an idea about writing about UNDERSTANDIN MEN:)

    so what are ur veiws about it???
    P.s :I hope u go thru me blog too:)

  5. Just be yourself man and do what you want to do. That alone will get you things that you want to get, even the girl. The rules ask you to be a nice guy, be courteous even if you don’t want to, be nice to her even if she is shit – You follow these rules, and girls and boys are gonna kno that you the dumbest fuckin’ fake around and never gonna get her. Exceptions are there, but those exceptions would be most probably the stupidest girls around. So, what I think is that, “Be yourself and do what YOU want to do and you gonna get anything that you want, even the girl”.

  6. For how long do you think, you can be courteous and sweet and woe her with flowers and chocolates or even ignore her.

    One day all of this will stop. So, do not start.

    Be yourself and ignorance (Sorry girlies! I’ll have to agree with the guys here), very slight is sometimes needed because before that woman starts taking your friendship for granted, she may just realize at the time of ignorance that she is missing you a little more than she should. 😉

    All the Best. Hope you find true love soon.


  7. @Seher aka Americanising Desi.

    thanks a lot
    am sure ,there were a million books and movies made to understand a woman , and this post is jus attempt to dispel a few myths and a insight in understanding them really , in a practical world
    rather than a filmy world

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