OnePlus 6 – Detailed Review

It’s been a month since I got the OnePlus 6 and having it used quite extensively, exploring all features I have written a quick review of the phone , listing its advantages and disadvantages.

oneplus 6 detailed review

RAM : With 6GB /8GB of RAM (mine is the 6GB variant), the phone functions smoothly even when many applications are running in parallel.

OnePlus Gallery App : Thankfully many stock android phone manufacturers offer only the Google Photos as an inbuilt photo editing/viewing app. But the OnePlus 6 comes with a nice gallery app with easy editing options. Yes, you always have Google Snapseed to edit your photos in an advanced level, but I feel a simple gallery/edit photo app should be provided by manufacturers.

oneplus 6 gallery app

Face Unlock : The face unlock is pretty fast and unlocks in a split second. Even in a dark environment or a low light setting, the face unlock works without an issue .

Gaming : I tried PUBG, Asphalt and a very other less memory intensive games. The phone doesn’t lag even for a bit, even in a high graphic mode setting. Yes, the phone slightly tends to heat a bit in gaming (but that’s normal for any phone) and nothing of a concern in the least.

Camera : I wasn’t initially too convinced about the camera ( given the Pixel 2/S8/Iphone X) are way ahead in camera quality. But I seem to have changed my opinion on the same and totally vouch for the OnePlus 6 camera quality. The lowlight photography is probably one of the best in the industry, portrait pictures are coming out quite beautifully and the 6.2′ AMOLED screen just makes it a whole better while viewing the photos.

oneplus 6 photography review

Yet to try the “Manual” mode in detail which involves changing the ISO, White Balance, Shutter Speed modes among other things.

oneplus 6 photography review
Shot at 8.45PM in Besant Nagar Beach with no Flash in Auto Mode

oneplus 6 photography review

Slider Button : Sourced from the iPhone, OnePlus has a mini slider in the top right corner to change from Vibrate – Silent – Ring modes . This comes in super handy when you want to change to a silent mode in a flash without unlocking the phone and navigating to the menu bar and changing it.

Display (Size and Clarity):  I was skeptical about the 6.2′ size and if it would be too big for my hands. But it turned out to be good and I am able to hand the phone with ease . The phone is however slippery without a cover and you could go in for a good shockproof case which can protect the phone.
The no notch display is pretty amazing . Do try out IGTV in Instagram to see its full potential.

igtv app review

Battery : The battery though only 3200+ mah , lasts easily a day with a lot of usage
(Whatsapp/Instagram/Facebook/Payment apps etc). The fast charger ensures a full charge in roughly 30-40 mins. Esp when you are heading out somewhere, all you need is 5-10 mins of charge to push it upto 40% in a jiffy.

Things that could have been better in the OnePlus 6

OnePlus 6 ,though retaining the 3.5mm headphone jack unlike other brands has fumbled on the placement of the port. The socket is right next to the USB-C charging port and at the exact position where you hold the phone. So while listening to music, it’s almost impossible to message quickly and you need to hold the phone in both hands.

oneplus 6 headphone jack review

The call answering options have been reversed. Almost all phones have a “swipe up” to accept and “swipe down” to reject. But the options have been reversed in the OnePlus. So basically you need to swipe down to accept a call.

The OS though running a close stock android version still has a few buggy issues which needs a bit of fine tuning (Can always be easily fixed by future updates).

Lack of IR : I am not sure how many times I actually used the IR option in my previous phone, but it certainly comes in handy when you want to change the channel (while searching for the remote).

On a whole, would I recommend it : Definitely yes. Great value for money , good camera, excellent display and hopefully longer lasting than other brands.

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